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In a world filled with more superhero movies, shows, comics, books, and other media than people could ever count, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is a unique take on the genre. The show, which is based on a comic book series of the same name, follows a group of superpowered people as they learn how to cope with their powers and their place as outsiders. With Season two out now and more stories to be told, some wonder where the series is heading next. 

What is ‘The Umbrella Academy’? 

Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts on 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2
Ritu Arya as Lila Pitts on ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | CHRISTOS KALOHORIDIS/NETFLIX

The Umbrella Academy hit comic stores in 2007. It was the brainchild of Gerard Way, who also wrote the comic. His words combined with Gabriel Ba’s artwork made the series an underground hit for Dark Horse comics.

It won multiple awards and continues going strong to this day. While other series consistently put out monthly issues, Umbrella Academy has, thus far, released four series that often come out years after the previous one. 

This makes it a perfect series for Netflix. The series focuses on the adopted siblings of an unknown phenomenon that caused 43 random women worldwide to simultaneously give birth despite not being pregnant before that. With an all-star cast featuring Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Kate Walsh, and several other notable names, it was an immediate hit with fans. 

While there are 43 superhumans across the world, however, the series mostly focuses on the handful who live together, from Page’s Vanya to Hopper’s Luther. Each of these people has their own superpowers, and as they decide on what their purpose is, they also have to grapple with what it means to be different in a society that does not always accept outliers like then. 

It’s one of the streaming giant’s biggest hits, and with season three already announced, many wonder where it’s heading next. 

What has happened so far? 

The entire series can be viewed as a take on the same concept that X-Men uses. With many superhumans living under one roof away from a world where they might not fully fit in.

Seven of the children who were a result of that strange phenomenon now live with billionaire Reginald Hargreeves. There are ghosts, talking chimps, time travelers, and several other archetypes who range from vigilantes to relatively normal human beings. The entire season is focused on the siblings stopping a looming apocalypse but ultimately failing. 

Season two saw them traveling through time as they attempt to reunite after a glitch sends them to different years. They get involved in a nuclear conspiracy and have to try to prevent it. Last we saw, Five, also known as The Boy, was getting ready to prevent another apocalypse, although the cliffhanger ending left a lot to be desired. 

Since then, fans have wondered what to expect from the series, although Adrienne Tyler believes she has an idea of what can happen. 

Where will ‘The Umbrella Academy’ go from here


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So far, people have only met eight of the 43 results of the strange phenomenon. This means that there’s a lot to be discovered.

As we see in the series, the Umbrella Academy is far from perfect, but shows just how much help or damage a group like that can cause. In the wrong hands, a new academy could end the world even more than the looming apocalypse already had. 

With this in mind, Tyler believes that Lila, one of the most powerful members of the Academy, could use time travel to go back and start her own Academy that’s built in her image. This would add another dynamic to an already convoluted setup.

With so much remaining beneath the surface, another time travel season that focuses more on how it affects the current landscape could be just what the show needs to go into season three. 

If the first two seasons are any indication, however, nobody truly knows what to expect.