‘The Umbrella Academy’: Why Fans Can’t Stand This One Character

The Umbrella Academy is full of interesting characters and fans really fell in love with them. However, there is one character that got a lot of flack after Season 1 for his decisions. Which character can’t fans stand and why? Here is everything you need to know.

Luther Hargreeves is kind of a black sheep on The Umbrella Academy

Emmy Raver-Lampman and Tom Hopper
Emmy Raver-Lampman and Tom Hopper | Getty Images/Rachel Murray

Luther Hargreeves (Tom Hopper) was kind of the black sheep of the Hargreeves family because he was the only one to stay home with his father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore.) That choice led to a lot of separation between Luther and his siblings.

For one, he was the only one to still believe that his father was right that one day all of them are going to save the world. Luther continued missions and training alone because of this. That led him going to the moon, which later seemed pointless. He then had his body transformed into more of a Gorilla’s in order to save his life after a disastrous mission.

All of those things are pretty sad, but fans were still annoyed by Luther because of his later actions.

Fans think Luther is a terrible leader

Throughout Season 1, Luther tried to be a leader in multiple ways. First, he was on the mission to figure out who killed their father. That could have been a noble mission except he jumped to the conclusion that it had to be one of his siblings.

A Reddit user named TdsBlu dove into the frustrations of Luther trying to be a leader in a thread. The user wrote, “Basically this guy craves to be a leader and does a sh*t a** job of it. He proceeds to be angry at others for the ‘wrong’ things that they have done. And really it feels like everything he did was for his own pride/feelings.”

The show recognized this as a problem as well and Diego (David CastaƱeda) and Luther went back and forth a lot because of this. Eventually, Luther continued to think he was right which led to a disastrous ending.

They also think him locking up Vanya is the cause of the end of the world

Vanya (Ellen Page) accidentally hurts Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) when they get into a fight. She does try to go back home and explain what happened to Luther and at first, he seems understanding only to knock her out and lock her up. Fans didn’t like that at all.


He later made the decision to lock up Vanya instead of listening to Allison so she turned. That arguably led to the end of the world. Luther’s distrust of Vanya pretty much sealed the deal in the end.

A lot of fans think he’s a complainer

It doesn’t seem like any of the Hargreeves kids had a loving childhood. Vanya was brainwashed into thinking she didn’t have powers. Klaus (Robert Sheehan) was traumatized by being locked away to be with the dead.

Those are some huge hurdles to try to move past. This is probably why fans turned on Luther for talking so much about his father sending him to the moon. It was probably lonely up there, but the others had to deal with a lot too.


So fans have started sharing a few memes about their hatred of Luther, and it seems like Hopper could be in on the joke.


The good news is that The Umbrella Academy will return for a second season. That means a second chance for the family to save the world and get their act together. Maybe Luther will take a different approach and win over some fans he lost last season.

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