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The Uncanny Counter was one of Netflix’s most talked-about Korean dramas in 2020. Like most K-dramas, it has a 16-episode run with a good conclusion. With The Uncanny Counter in the process of developing a second season, fans will be surprised to know the original webtoon ended on a cliffhanger. The webtoon had an epilogue that leaves the door open for an even bigger story.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Uncanny Counter webtoon.]

The main cast of 'The Uncanny Counter' in relation to webtoon wearing aprons.
The main cast of ‘The Uncanny Counter’ | via OCN

‘The Uncanny Counter’ had a heartwarming finale that tied up loose ends

The Netflix K-drama was based on an original Daum webtoon titled Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi. For the most part, The Uncanny Counter follows the webtoon story almost seamlessly up until the finale. So Mun and the team manage to stop their enemy, Shin Myeong-hwi, and send the demon soul to Yung for judgment.

In Yung, all the devoured souls are set free, and So Mun sees his parents. He finally gets to say goodbye, and his parents now know their son is loved and cared for. Meanwhile, Ga Mo-tak helps the police by giving them evidence against Myeong-hwi and his evil deeds. The Mayor also wakes up and is arrested for murder.

Before So Mun’s parents can move on, he has Do Ha-na use her powers for closure. Ha-na uses her abilities to transport So Mun’s grandparents to Yung in a dreamlike state. His grandparents cry and lament their death but get the emotional closure they deserve after many years.

A month later, the counters learn they must patrol the whole country for more demons as Yung looks to hire more counters. The Uncanny Counter ends with the team getting an upgrade and fighting demons in cool suits.

The original webtoon has a cliffhanger ending compared to ‘The Uncanny Counter’ K-drama

'The Uncanny Counter' webtoon showing an unidentified character.
‘The Uncanny Counter’ webtoon | via Kakaopage

The finale of the supernatural K-drama ended on a good note, with So Mun staying with the team and using his unique abilities to make the world a better place. While The Uncanny Counter is based on a webtoon, it did not include the epilogue scene from the original story.

Reading the webtoon online, the K-drama supposedly ends the same way it is illustrated. While the counters continue to rid the world of evil, a new evil has emerged. The epilogue scene cuts to a prison where a guard frantically yells for help.

The guard asks what inmate is in cell fourteen. Another guard responds by saying, “Ma Ju-seok, sir!!” Chaos unfolds as the guards try to understand what is happening. A guard says someone has killed them all, and he saw the whole thing.

The solid metal door flies open to reveal dead inmates on the floor. The guards look in horror as the webtoon shows an inmate among the bodies. The final scene shows a close-up of a murderous-looking inmate with the same rainbow-colored perimeter around him and blood falling from his eyes.

The webtoon gives no clear indication of who the mysterious character is. All fans can speculate is that the inmate has possessed the same powers as a Counter. This begs how and if fans have been introduced to the character in the first season of The Uncanny Counter.

The webtoon K-drama will have a second season


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Fans who have read the webtoon first knew there is much more to explore beyond The Uncanny Counter K-drama. The success of the drama led OCN to approve a second season. While the cast is on board, there has been no official confirmation of the cast or storyline.

With The Uncanny Counter Season 2 in the works, where will So Mun and the characters head next? Based on the epilogue of the webtoon, it can be assumed they will face an even more powerful enemy. Fans saw how one demon-possessed human could wreak havoc when ingesting other demons.

A murderous inmate with likely a plan for revenge is even worse. The webtoon epilogue of The Uncanny Counter shows the new enemy has immense strength and can conjure a perimeter.