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OCN has released a few updates on The Uncanny Counter Season 2 K-drama, with Kim Se-jeong and Jo Byeong-gyu in talks to return. But will the new season give into the possibility of the characters So Moon and Ha-na (Kim) developing feelings for each other? In 2020, actor Jo explained why he believed So Moon is unlikely to have a romance in The Uncanny Counter Season 2.

So Moon and Ha-na develop a close bond throughout ‘The Uncanny Counter’

The K-drama is about a teenager who gets a chance at redemption when he becomes a Counter. He soon meets the others and Ha-na, who initially comes off as cold and guarded. As the storyline progressed, the team became a family that protected each other at all costs. But it’s undeniable that there was likely a one-sided crush on behalf of So Moon.

It is hard to forget the one scene in the second episode. So Moon goes to the basement to train with Ha-na. He becomes flustered by her looks and somewhat sensual stretching. Comically in the K-drama, So Moon’s grandparents believe Ha-na is his girlfriend when they first meet her.

By the finale, there is a heartwarming evolution of a tight friendship between the two. And when So Moon is in the afterlife to say his goodbyes to his parents, he introduces Ha-na. In true father fashion, So Moon’s father says Ha-na is his son’s type.

The small tidbits of cute interactions teased a romance is possible as the K-drama goes into a second season.

Is there romance in ‘The Uncanny Counter’? Jo Byeong-gyu says So Moon has other priorities


‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Season 2 Confirmed With Lead Cast and Storyline

Back in 2020, the cast of the K-drama had high hopes of returning for a second season. The possibility came true as OCN confirmed the news. According to Soompi, when asked about his first leading role character, the So Moon actor explains fans are unlikely to see a romance in The Uncanny Counter Season 2.

While So Moon and Ha-na have developed a bond, it is far from becoming something more. “Since the work of the Counters is directly connected to survival, I feel like it’d be hard. Obviously, you can believe the statement from Ga Mo Tak that love exists even on a battlefield, but I think So Moon is someone whose calling to defeat demons is too great,” said Jo.

The actor explains the reality of how the storyline work would not lead to a romance. “Since it’s a drama that really clears and refreshes the hearts of our good citizens, I feel like the focus might be more on hunting demons,” explained the lead actor. So Moon and Ha-na might as well remain with a platonic affection for one another and value their friendship more.