‘The Uncanny Counter’: What the Cast Has Been up to Since the Popular Fantasy K-Drama

K-dramas have risen to immense popularity on a global scale, leading to the development of second seasons. In 2020, Netflix and OCN debuted the fantasy K-drama, The Uncanny Counter, with an impressive leading cast. After its success, the drama plans to develop a second season. Actor Jo Byeong-kyu, Kim SeJeong, Yoo Jung-sang, and Yeom Hye-ran lead the drama, but what have they been up to?

Yeom Hye-ran joined ‘The Uncanny Counter’ in the matriarchal role of Choo Mae-ok

The Uncanny Counter focuses on the co-existence of the afterlife and the human world. The afterlife tasks counters to vanquish rogue and dangerous demons with the help of superhuman abilities. Actor Yeom starred as Mae-ok, the team’s motherly figure with healing abilities.

Before the fantasy drama, Yeom started her on-screen career in 2003. After The Uncanny Counter, Yeom has starred in very few dramas. She played the role of Oh Seon-ja in the Netflix K-drama Juvenile Justice. Her character is the Director of Pureum Youth Recovery Center.

Yeom also had a small cameo in Alchemy of Souls. But in 2022, the actor did more work on the big screen, having starred in Special Delivery, the musical movie Life Is Beautiful, and will star in the upcoming movie, Boys.

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Yoo Jung-san stars as a powerful Daeho mage in Netflix’s ‘Alchemy of Souls’

Fans might not have realized that actor Yoo now plays a major role in another of Netflix’s hit fantasy K-dramas. Alchemy of Souls has become one of the top watched K-dramas on the streaming platform about a made-up world of magic, mystery, and love. After The Uncanny Counter, Yoo joined the cast of Alchemy of Souls in one of the leading roles as Park Jin.

Park Jin is a powerful mage and the leader of the Park family and Songrim. Before the 2022 K-drama, Yoo also had a cameo role in The Penthouse: War in Life 2. Like his co-star Yeom, the actor will also star in the upcoming movie Boys.

It is unclear if Yoo will return to his role as Go Mo-tak in The Uncanny Counter Season 2. In the first season, Mo-tak is a Counter with superhuman strength. But the memories of his past life were erased and hold the key to part of the K-drama’s mystery.

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Kim SeJeong recently starred in a ‘Slice of Life’ K-drama about webtoons

In The Uncanny Counter, actor Kim SeJeong played the role of Ha-na, a tough-as-nails character who lost her entire family. She joined the Counters and can sense demons and travel through memories. The actor was recently reported to be in talks to return for The Uncanny Counter Season 2.

But out of her co-stars, Kim has appeared in two well-recognized K-dramas in 2022. The actor dazzled fans in the webtoon-based romantic comedy, Business Proposal. She starred alongside Ahn Hyo-seop. The K-drama focused on a Shin Ha-ri (Kim) helping her wealthy friend escape a possible arranged marriage. But she was unprepared to face her boss, Kang Tae-moo (Ahn).

Ha-ri also never expected Tae-moo to be determined to find a bride. It’s a classic boss-employee romance to fall in love with. Kim then starred in the recent K-drama, Today’s Webtoon. Based on a manga series, On Ma-eum (Kim) is a former judo champion looking for her own path. She gets employed at a webtoon company on the brink of disbandment.

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Jo Byeong-kyu has not been cast in a new K-drama since ‘The Uncanny Counter’

After The Uncanny Counter, leading cast member Jo Byeong-kyu hit a snag in his career. He starred as So Mun, a teenager who lost his parents in a car accident. One day a Counter spirit from the afterlife inhabits his body, and he joins the team. But So Mun shows abilities never before seen and a mystery about his past.

After the fantasy K-drama, Jo fell into a bullying scandal in 2021. According to Soompi, in February, the actor was accused of being a perpetrator of school violence, with multiple allegations coming forward. But the actor and his agency denied the accusations and took legal action against the rumors. Months later, the accusers admitted to lying and apologized.

Jo is getting back on his feet when in September of 2021, Soompi reported he would star in a webtoon K-drama titled History of Losers. His character is a 40-year-old who becomes a high schooler again. The actor is also set to star in a new movie titled Even if I Die, I Do Once Again. Jo also starred in the independent movie Millennial Killer.

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