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The whodunit is a classic staple of cinema suspense, and HBO’s hit series The Undoing has certainly been causing a stir with its take on the genre. With powerhouses Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman in leading roles, the series has star power as well as a gripping plot that has kept audiences guessing and speculating right up until its thrilling conclusion.

Of course, that’s kind of the point of a series woven around mystery and suspense. The audience is supposed to be thinking about each episode after it ends, piecing together the clues bit by bit and feeling satisfaction whenever their hunches are proven correct. 

What was a little less expected is all the chatter that the clothes in the show would cause — especially one divisive green coat. 

‘The Undoing’ kept audiences guessing

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in 'The Undoing'
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in ‘The Undoing’ | Niko Tavernise/HBO

The Undoing used a novel titled You Should Have Known by Hanff Korelitz as its source material. David Kelly — who also worked alongside Kidman with the HBO adaptation of Big Little Lies — adapted the novel for the screen.

In this tale, Kidman portrays protagonist Grace Fraser, who is married to Jonathan (Hugh Grant’s character). Living a seemingly perfect life, Grace is a New York City therapist with a successful career, a child in an elite private school, and a perfect marriage. 

As anyone familiar with suspenseful dramas will tell you, that kind of perfection is a recipe for disaster, and Grace finds her life disrupted overnight. A violent death and her husband’s disappearance make it clear that things are not what they had seemed to be, and Grace is soon left piecing together a tale of deception and disaster as she tries to build a new life for herself and her son. 

The clothing in ‘The Undoing’ was carefully chosen

Of course, the plot is the most obvious mechanism through which show creators build the suspense, but The Undoing was filled with attention to detail, and even the clothing left clues and sent messages. In particular, Kidman’s clothing is a hint to her psychological state as she navigates absolutely devastating revelations and makes choices about what she will do with the life-changing information she’s uncovering. 

While Kidman is uncovering different and unexpected truths, she’s also covering herself in a variety of coats. Set in New York City, coats are the appropriate costume for scenes shot outdoors in the cold Northeastern fall and winter, but the clothing does more than keep the actor warm. 

Kidman explained that the clothing is a key part of who her character is and that the clothing is “visually how to express things, and the coat is iconic. In a way, it is the through-line of the whole series.” The coats represent the layers to both the story and Grace’s own identity and sense of self.

Grace appears in several coats over the course of the show, but one in particular has gotten the internet hopping with commentary. 

One of Nicole Kidman’s coats has the internet torn 


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There’s a lot of drama in the plot of The Undoing. Murder. Seduction. Affairs. Deception. Yet in all of this, it’s a coat that has viewers most torn.

Kidman may have donned a lot of outerwear during the filming, but it’s one particular coat that has got viewers abuzz. The most notable piece of clothing is long, moss green, woolen, hooded, and very bohemian. Some absolutely adore the unique look while others find it hideous. 

If you’re among the former set of critics, you can snag the look for yourself. According to Decider, UJackets is selling a version of the vintage coat for a completely reasonable $159. It’s never been so easy to dress like a star! Hopefully, though, you’ll pick up the look of the series and none of the dramatic criminal events.