The Unusual Way ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Met His Wife

Jared Padalecki is best known for his role as Sam Winchester on the hit science-fiction thriller series, SupernaturalWhile many fans have been watching him save humanity from creepy paranormal creatures for over a decade, most people are curious about his personal life. Is he single? Does he have any kids?

This may come as sad news to some of his fans, but Padalecki is not single. He and his wife, Genevieve Cortese, are happily married and currently, have three kids together.

So, how did he meet his wife? The answer is actually quite interesting. Keep reading to find out the funny story of how Jared Padalecki ended up meeting his wife.

Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki | Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

How did Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese meet?

Padalecki and Cortese met on the set of Supernatural. In 2009, Cortese was brought onto the show to play an attractive demon named Ruby. According to Heavy, the first time that the talented actor had laid eyes on his future wife was while she was standing on the set in nothing but her underwear. He was obviously immediately attracted to her, but he didn’t say anything to her right away.

When he finally mustered up the courage to talk to her, he was afraid that he might have annoyed her because he had interrupted her while reading a book. ” I was very excited to meet her,” Padalecki recalls. “Meanwhile, I think she was like, ‘Who is this long-haired A-hole who thinks he can come talk to me while I’m reading a book?'”

He had described her as being “fussy” the first time that they had ever talked. But apparently, she was able to forgive him for interrupting her and they eventually started to talk on a regular basis and get to know each other better.

Four months after their initial meeting, Padalecki asked Cortese out on a date. Today, he says that the reason why the two are able to have such a strong and lasting relationship was because he waited and truly got to know her before he started a romantic relationship with her.

Padalecki and Cortese’s perfect wedding

On February 27, 2010, Padalecki and Cortese tied the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Sun Valley, Indiana. Cortese had always wanted to get married underneath the falling snow. However, she was afraid that her dreams would not be able to come true because the skies had been clear all week long. 

According to PopSugar, the morning of the wedding, there looked to be no snow in sight. Although the weather report was predicting snow, it looked as if the snow was going to bypass Sun Valley that day. Then around four o’clock that afternoon (the same time that the ceremony was set to start) a few snowflakes started to fall from the sky, and Cortese was able to get married the way that she had always been dreaming about.

The couple’s close friends and family members were all in attendance at the wedding. Padalecki’s co-star, and TV brother, Jensen Ackles, was even a groomsman in the wedding. 

How many kids does the happy couple have?

Together Padalecki and Cortese have three children together. Their oldest son, Thomas “Tom” Colton, is 7 years old, their youngest son, Austin “Shep” Shepherd, is 5 years old, and their only daughter, Odette, is 2 years old. 

Padalecki had recently said that when it comes to his family, they are his top priority. “Learning lines or this or that becomes unimportant. It’s about going, ‘Are Gen and Odette okay? Is Tom okay? Is Shep okay?’ There’s no such thing as boredom when you have kids because you’re just always on point.”

Padalecki and Cortese have become one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. And the way that they seem to truly love and respect each other, we have no doubt that they will have many more happy years ahead of them.