‘The Vampire Diaries:’ What Are Bonnie’s Powers?

Sure, Stefan and Damon are fast and can change their victim’s memories. However, some fans would argue that they’re not the most powerful beings in The Vampire Diaries universe. One witch who goes to school with Stefan grows in strength and abilities as this drama series progresses. 

That’s the witch and psychic, Elena’s friend, Bonnie Bennett. Learn more about this character and her supernatural powers, here. 

There’s more than one character with supernatural powers on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

It’s not just about vampires in this town. Sure, Stefan and Damon have some pretty incredible abilities, but there’s also one character who goes to school with Elena who has some supernatural powers. That’s the compassionate and empathic 18-year-old named Bonnie Bennett. 

When viewers first meet Bonnie, the character expresses that she might be psychic. Especially when she touches someone’s hand, she can see their past and even their future. She brushes it off but later realizes these powers are more than just a fluke — she’s actually a witch.

Swiss-born US actress Kat Graham poses during a photocall for the TV series, 'Vampire Diaries'
Swiss-born US actress Kat Graham poses during a photocall for the TV series, ‘Vampire Diaries’ | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

What powers does Bonnie have on this drama series?

According to The Vampire Diaries Fandom, Bonnie is one of the most powerful characters in this series. She has the power of intuition, meaning she knows where objects are without seeing them prior. She also has the power of accelerated healing, which comes in handy against vampire bites.

When she dreams, Bonnie has certain premonitions about the future. At one point, she dreamed that she was trapped inside one of Klaus’ coffins and her mother opened it. Bonnie used this premonition to find her mother and unlock the coffin, as they thought it was a weapon that would help kill Klaus.

Perhaps the most important power, Bonnie has telekinesis, meaning she can move objects by using her mind. She only fully masters this power when she becomes a full witch, but it comes in handy when facing off with other characters.


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Kat Graham shared her thoughts on her time with ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The actor behind this character, Kat Graham, shared her experience during several interviews. That includes the impact of being an African American actor in a world that “is still finding its footing.”

“There are moments where I felt bizarre parallels between the character and my own journey. I learned a lot about myself playing her,” the Vampire Diaries actor said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly

“I learned about teamwork and about communication and about standing up for yourself,” she continued. “I learned about poise and dignity, and I learned about what it means to be an African-American in television and what that requires in terms of what kind of position you take for yourself.”

Most episodes of The Vampire Diaries are available for streaming on Netflix.