‘The View’ Alum Jedediah Bila Covers All From Parenthood to Politics in New Book ‘Dear Hartley’: ‘It’s OK To Stand up for What You Believe In’

Jedediah Bila has quite the impressive resume. Valedictorian for her graduating class at Wagner College, Bila went on to serve as an educator before appearing on the small screen as a journalist. Landing at Fox News and later as a co-host on The View, Bila recently authored her second book consisting of a series of letters to her two-year-old son, Hartley. Through these written life lessons, Bila shares her thoughts on a myriad of topics and puts the spotlight on freedom amidst today’s divisive culture.

Jedediah Bila of 'The View'
Jedediah Bila of ‘The View’ | Paula Lobo/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Jedediah Bila gets real in ‘Dear Hartley’

During the nationwide quarantine due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Bila spent the majority of the lockdown with her husband, Jeremy, their son, and some close family members. The View alum had time to reflect on lessons she wanted to pass on to Hartley.

“I wrote this book during the pandemic, and I think that was a time when a lot of people, myself included, got very introspective,” Bila told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I was just kind of watching what was unfolding in the world… I just looking at everything around me and thought, ‘I have so much stuff I want to say to [Hartley] and share with him.’ But he was too small. He wasn’t going to understand what I was saying, so it’s like, how do I do this?”

“Dear Hartley” became Bila’s medium to express some words of wisdom to her son, yet the book soon evolved into a message by which she felt others could be inspired. Placing a priority on transparency, Bila shares personal stories from her life spanning her childhood to today and doesn’t mince words on her perspective.

“I started writing them as handwritten letters,” the former Fox News contributor explained. “I actually didn’t intend to publish them at first. And what wound up unfolding is just – I was writing about a lot of mistakes made in my own life. Lessons learned, things that I wish I could do differently now, stuff about my work life, stuff about my family life. And I said, You know what? Given what society looks like right now and how polarized it is and how angry everyone’s feeling and how confused people are and scared people are, this is something that might be able to help us all, and I just wanted to put it out there.”

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‘The View’ alum focuses on theme of freedom

Bila is known as a conservative voice, though she refuses to stick to strict party lines regardless of any fallout she may get for speaking her mind.

“I was always someone who would surprise people because I don’t adhere to a party or to politicians,” she remarked. “I adhere to principles. … That doesn’t always go very well at a network or on a show or with a co-host. But if I’m not in this business to tell people the truth, why bother?”

The journalist discusses health issues she’s encountered, including Lyme disease and a battle with Covid last year. Though Bila doesn’t hone in on any specific political issues in “Dear Hartley”, she emphasizes the need for the country to get back to its roots of freedom.

“I talk about a lot of stuff in that political realm,” Bila shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It wasn’t a political book, but it unfolded and is unfolding now in a very hyper politicized time. So one of the messages really is about freedom, and that aligns with a lot of what’s going on in the news cycle now. … I want all of us, the adults out there, the students out there, the grandmother, grandpa, the aunts and uncles to be free. And what that means is that you are empowered to make decisions for yourself.”

Jedediah Bila encourages others to be ‘unafraid’ in expressing opinions

With divisiveness running rampant in the country due to the pandemic, politics, and cancel culture to name a few, Bila stressed the importance of staying true to yourself and having the freedom to express those views without fear of being ostracized.

“We live in a world where people kind of pick a side immediately and they stop listening and they stop talking,” she noted. “It’s OK to see the world differently – It’s OK to stand up for what you believe in. It’s OK to listen and have those debates and be really passionate about what you stand for. But at the same time, be willing to express yourself and unafraid to express your opinion.”

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“This is supposed to being the land of the free, and I’d like it to stay that way,” Bila reiterated. “So even though I don’t dig into political issues per se, there are heavy themes of opportunity and freedom – things like empathy and being brave enough to follow your gut.”

Dear Hartley” is now available for purchase.