‘The View’: Ana Navarro Returns as Meghan McCain Goes Missing and Fans React

Ana Navarro finally returned to The View after being absent for weeks. Noticeably absent from that episode was Meghan McCain, who has had terrible feuds with on-air. Was it a coincidence or planned? Fans loved having Navarro back with her quick wit and her style. It wasn’t long before fans swarmed social media with their thoughts on Navarro’s return to the “Hot Topics.”

Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro | Jeff Neria/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Ana Navarro catches up

Navarro returned to the show after going missing for weeks. Although she didn’t reveal why she had not appeared on the talk show, she did catch all the ladies up on what she’s been up to recently.

“I got a turban on because my hair is all sorts of crazy,” she said. “I look like a skunk and it’s not fit for national TV. I tried to color my own hair, but I gotta tell you, those instructions were complicated and the letters were too little.”

Navarro solved her issue by going online and buying turbans in every color as an homage to Lucille Ball.

“I just wish they made a turban for the rest of my body,” she quipped.

The Republican pundit also told the ladies that she was busy taking her of her husband who suffered an accident.

“We were having a pretty normal quarantine, it was sort of a honeymoon for Al and I because you know how much I travel,” she explained. “Two weeks ago he had a catastrophic injury. He was carrying a pile so high of my Amazon purchases that he missed a step and tore the tendons right off his knee.”

Navarro had to take her husband to the hospital where she felt it was eerie and thanked all the medical team for their help.

“Since then, I’ve been 24/7 his caretaker,” she added. “I don’t want to complain about this or make it seem more dramatic because there are people much worse than I am. It is very hard in the middle of quarantine to also be dealing with caretaking.”

She advised everyone to reach out to people in similar situations for moral support.

Fans react to Ana Navarro’s return

McCain’s absence was not mentioned on the show and she might’ve asked for the day off and that’s the reason Navarro came on to substitute. All the fans that follow The View every day were excited to see Navarro back on the show.

“I love the look,” a fan said. “She is always beautiful, so it doesn’t matter what her hair looks like.”

“So happy to see you on the show today, The View needs to bring you back more often,” a viewer added.

“Missed seeing Ana Navarro on The View, you looked beautiful and blue is your color,” a Twitter user commented.

“Welcome back, Ana,” another fan tweeted. “Hope this is a trend and we’ll be seeing more of you.”

“Lovely to see you and hope to see you every day,” another viewer posted. “Sorry [about\ your husband’s accident.”

“What an awesome surprise!” another Twitter user celebrated. “Bring her on more and less Meghan.”

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