‘The View’ Fan Asks Meghan McCain Not To Return and She Epically Claps Back

Meghan McCain will make her triumphant return to The View next year following her maternity leave. After giving birth to baby Liberty, the conservative co-host had been absent from the show and debating on the latest “Hot Topics.” McCain recently confirmed her comeback but not everyone is excited to see her back. After a troll asked her not to return, the Republican pundit replied with an epic clap back.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Greg Endries/Bravo

What did Meghan McCain say?

McCain is prepping to return to daytime and take her seat at the “Hot Topics” table once again. The conservative co-host has been absent since September following the birth of her daughter Liberty. McCain recently revealed that she would be making a comeback in the new year and it has been received with mixed messages.

The political analyst recently shared a sweet message that a fan wrote exciting to see her again on the show.

“Seriously Meghan McCain, I need you back on The View as urgently as I needed to come out to my parents when it was time,” the fan tweeted.

The message didn’t go unnoticed and McCain quoted the tweet in appreciation of the kind sentiment.

“I appreciate this beautiful sentiment,” McCain tweeted back. “I will be back on The View when the season comes back right after New Years in January. Appreciate those who miss me. I love my job but have also really loved this time with my daughter Liberty and think maternity leave is a gift.”

Unfortunately, it has not all been positive praise for McCain and not all The View fans are excited to see her return. Over on Instagram, after the ABC talk show host posted a set of photos from her pregnancy, a troll replied with a mean comment.

“Please don’t come back to The View, I enjoy meaningful grown conversations, not spoiled entitle brats, whining and crying,” the viewer replied.

However, McCain had the perfect response to the message.

“I’m coming back January 4th,” McCain replied adding a kiss emoji at the end.

Meghan McCain shares first photos during her pregnancy

McCain has been in the public eye throughout her life due to her father serving the United States. When she got pregnant, she and her husband Ben Domenech, made the decision to keep her pregnancy as private as possible in respect to her child.

“Ben and I have made the conscious decision to guard our (growing) families’ privacy as much as is possible,” McCain posted on Instagram in May 2020. “I believe children have a right to privacy and hope you will all understand as we navigate this as much as possible going forward without sacrificing our comfort or safety.”

However, the conservative star recently surprised all her followers on social media when she posted photos of herself during her pregnancy. McCain shared a set of pics where you could see her baby bump looking beautiful.

“11 days left in 2020… the year wasn’t all bad,” McCain posted. “Pics from almost a full 9 months and a week before Liberty arrived.”


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Days before, McCain also share a picture of baby Liberty, without showing her face. The endearing photo had Liberty holding on to her mother’s thumb.

“I am not a poet nor an artist – so I cannot fully express the ecstasy of motherhood,” McCain posted. “However, I will say having a daughter answers every existential and ontological question a human being confronts in this wild life. Ben and I have been so indescribably blessed and experienced nothing but an embarrassment of bliss since having Liberty.”

McCain is scheduled to return to The View on January 4 starting at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT/PT on ABC.