‘The View’: Fans Don’t Know Why Meghan McCain Is Still on the Show

Watching The View has been more than an uncomfortable experience lately for both sides of the political aisle.

If you side with Meghan McCain, you probably feel like she’s outnumbered on the show and has to put up a fight just to be heard. If you despise her politics, then you’re probably finding yourself annoyed at why she keeps staying on with The View.

The basic answer to the latter is she wants a public voice to air her political views since she might not find a similar forum. Then again, one could argue against that when you include far-right bastions like Fox News.

What’s about to happen on the show? Will fan response and a recently exasperated McCain force latter to leave, or will she still put up a good fight to stay put?

You can gauge viewer reactions on places like Reddit

Meghan McCain on Watch What Happens Live
Meghan McCain | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

We’ve been tapping Reddit a lot lately, mainly because you can gain a substantial pulse of America and the world there on how people feel about pop culture. You can even find theories and comments about The View on the forum.

One of the most recent threads started there is asking why Meghan McCain continues to stay on The View when she causes so much trouble of late. The thread starter says her staying there just makes for bad TV rather than anything truly informative or comforting.

You can certainly see where they’re coming from when cable news and other shows are already brimming over with political fighting for hours every day. Much of America and beyond are simply burned out from it all and want to start escaping. No wonder talk shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show have made a deliberate choice not to discuss anything political.

So is this Reddit user right, and is having McCain sticking around hurting The View in the long run? If you can argue the producers think this makes for the equivalent of viewers watching a train wreck unfold in real time, they might be surprised at the outcome.

Does McCain really have to stay on the show to have a public voice?

No doubt you’ll find more than a few people who think McCain should go to a place where her voice could be even louder and not face the wrath of disagreement. Then again, that’s always the point of The View: To push arguments for the sake of finding a middle ground.

Divides on the show just are too wide, though, and McCain is becoming far too abrasive on the show to support her side. As a result, it makes McCain come off as rude against her co-hosts when the others try their best not to go after her (on-air anyway) with venom.

Are we heading toward some kind of major on-air breakdown or fight if this tension keep building up? It all seems like it’s ready to burst like our country as a whole over our political divisions.

Would McCain be better off on Fox News, or is she still too much of a moderate to consider going on a news network known for shilling our current President?

McCain could find herself in a similar situation at Fox News

As much as McCain still identifies as a conservative, she occasionally turns against the alt-right, depending on the issue. Should she ever leave The View, going to Fox News might sound like a logical choice.

Even then, if on a panel show, you can expect just as many disagreements.

Considering McCain isn’t always a big fan of President Trump, it’s a good bet she’d clash with her fellow panelists there. It’s not hard to image such a scenario on a show like The Five, or even Fox & Friends.

Being a political moderate apparently isn’t easy in the world of TV where you can change your opinion at the drop of a dime. In this case, perhaps McCain just needs her own solo show so she can carve her own niche, if not even her own online network.