‘The View’ Fans Are Elated For Show’s Return, Not For Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain is the conservative co-host on The View. The Republican pundit is known to like debating and reminds people constantly where she stands politically. McCain has been seen as a divisive character on the ABC talk show as she gives a voice to conservatives across America. With the show returning for new live episodes, fans are not too excited that it means McCain will also return.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Why was ‘The View’ airing reruns?

The View will continue with its last part of season 23 this summer as the cast returns after a whole week off. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and McCain were off the air following the 4th of July break. The show’s official Twitter account confirmed that the ladies would come back live starting Monday, July 13.

Guests lined up for next week include Amy Schumer, Khloe Kardashian, Tiffany Cross, and DL Hughley. The show will be live for about one more month before going on an extended break in August. It is expected for the ladies to launch season 24 in September following the Labor Day holiday.

Fans react to Meghan McCain’s return

Although fans are elated that The View will be live once again, there are some that are not thrilled for McCain. Following the announcement, the viewers let their opinions be known about the conservative co-host.

“Happy to hear that 3 of the ladies are back live. Was pretty nice having a break from Meghan McCain and her outbursts,” a fan replied.

“When is Meghan McCain leaving? The View, get your act together, Meghan is hurting the show. Rethink your strategy. She is taking the show to the gutter,” a viewer added.

“Not looking forward to Meghan’s rude tantrums either, so annoying how she just talks over anyone,” a Twitter user noted. “Other than that, love this talk show and happy they will be back.”

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“How the heck much time ‘off’ do they get? Every holiday week? Nice! I want one of their jobs. Fine with me if Meghan takes a permanent vacation but miss the rest of the ladies, especially Ana Navarro. We need her,” another fan commented.

“I don’t watch it if Meghan is on,” another viewer said. “ABC is torturing us with her. It’s awful.”

“I cannot stand Meghan McCain. I am so sick of her annoying voice. Please fire her on The View please,” another Twitter user suggested.

Meghan McCain sounds off on Kanye West

Although The View was on hiatus for a week, that didn’t stop McCain from talking about Kanye West announcing a presidential run. The rapper shocked people across the U.S.A on the 4th of July revealing he was launching a campaign to be the next White House resident.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” the rapper tweeted.

McCain denounced the double standard men and women have in society.

“There is no woman on planet Earth, celebrity or private who could behave has unhinged and erratic as Kanye has the past few years [and] be taken seriously as a presidential candidate,” she tweeted. “Women are punished for raising our voices on TV, let alone saying things like, ‘slavery was a choice.’”

The View airs weekday mornings at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT/PT on ABC.