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Meghan McCain is the conservative co-host of The View that always finds herself in the middle of controversy. The show tends to lean left while McCain leans right and often clashes with her fellow co-hosts. In order for the talk show to work, someone with McCain’s political views is necessary to have a healthy debate. However, fans have called out the political analyst for disrespecting her panelists and talking over them. This week there was an incident that made viewers at home lash out.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Greg Endries/Bravo

Meghan McCain oversteps her position

Aside from mentioning who her father is, McCain constantly reminds the audience what her job on The View consists of. She says that she’s a political analyst that helps give insight into the minds of Republicans.

However, McCain has been known to overstep her position as a commentator and try to lead the show as the moderator does. Whoopi Goldberg is the lead moderator but in her absence, Joy Behar takes over.

On Tuesday’s episode and after a heated debate over if the Democratic Party would rally behind Bernie Sanders, Behar instructed McCain to read the teleprompter. During all of February and in celebration of Black History Month, the show features a pioneering African-American figure.

Even though it was the show’s moderator –who has direct contact with the floor manager via an earpiece– cueing her to follow through with the segment, McCain refused to do so.

“There’s no time for that, we’re going to have to do it in the next segment,” McCain said as she looked to the audience.

Behar insisted and told the conservative co-host to “read that.”

“We don’t have time. I’m not doing this in thirty seconds,” McCain replied.

“Are you the stage manager?” Behar asked jokingly. “Do it!”

“I am the captain now,” McCain quipped. “There’s no time right now….ok.”

After putting up a fight, McCain finally read the FYI celebrating Zelda Wynn Valdes, the first black fashion designer to open up her own shop.

Fans react to Meghan McCain’s latest tantrum

Although it seemed McCain had good intentions and wanted to give the Black History Month FYI ample time to celebrate, fans did not take it this way. Viewers at home took to social media to react about how McCain acted during the segment.

“Meghan, how dare you refuse to read the Black History month segment?” a fan said. “That is over-the-top rude. I am fed up with your constant interruptions and rude behavior. Totally unacceptable.”

“Also, she was ordered to by Joy as her manager and Joy had to remind her of that,” a viewer replied to the previous tweet.

“She wasted the time she said she didn’t have to read it by refusing to read it. She’s kind of strange at times. I don’t know what her problem is,” a Twitter user added.

“I want the network to stop her ongoing unprofessional behavior,” another fan commented.

Among the conversation, there was one person that pointed out that McCain wanted more time to dedicate to the celebration.

“I think she felt it deserved more than the 30 seconds left before the break,” a fan defended McCain. “She said she wasn’t going to do it in 30 seconds.”

Another fan then replied saying, “It was not her call to make. She was unprofessional.”

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT.