‘The View’ Fans Want Ana Navarro as Full-Time Co-Host for Season 24

Ana Navarro is returning to The View as a guest co-host when the show returns for season 24. The political commentator will bring her sass and sense of humor as she always does. Fans are keen on Navarro and are one of the few Republican panelists that are well-received by the viewers. As the strategist announced her comeback, her followers are demanding she is made a full-time presenter.

Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

When is Ana Navarro returning?

The View started doing live shows on Fridays when it shifted to tackle on more politics. Navarro had been a guest on a special segment called “The Political View.” Last season, the Nicaraguan-born strategist was made into a regular guest co-host to appear on the Friday episodes when Whoopi Goldberg took the day off.

When the pandemic hit and the co-hosts started broadcasting from home, they seemingly eliminated the live Friday show. Navarro only made a couple of appearances during this version of the show. However, during the premiere week of season 24, The View confirmed Navarro’s return.

“FRIDAY: Our friend Ana Navarro joins us as guest co-host to weigh in on Hot Topics,” the tweet read.

Over on Instagram, Navarro expressed her excitement about returning to the show.

“Loving the idea of being on with mi linda amiga Eva Longoria next Friday on The View,” Navarro posted. “Eva, time to get off the damn beach. We gotta work.”

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‘The View’ fans want Ana Navarro full-time

Fans of the show expressed their enthusiasm for Navarro to return to talk about the latest “Hot Topics.” Under Navarro’s post, her followers replied with positive messages demanding she be made a full-time co-host.

“Can we keep you permanently on The View? Pretty please?” a fan asked on Instagram.

“Not sure if it’s something you’ll like to do every day, they should give you [a] permanent [seat],” a follower replied. “I enjoy all the ladies but I definitely really enjoy watching while [you’re] on the table.”

“Finally a reason to watch The View again,” an Instagram user expressed.

“Wish you were on The View every day. I enjoy your humor and input,” another fan expressed.

“I was hoping you would be a permanent host,” another viewer added.

“I want Ana on The View as one of the permanent host,” another Instagram user suggested. “She’s invaluable. Love hr and this [is] from a Democrat.”

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‘The View’ Season 24 adds Sara Haines

When The View returns from hiatus and season 24 officially starts, Sara Haines will also be coming back permanently. The Good Morning America co-host left the show two years ago for her own talk show alongside Michael Strahan. Since then, the show has been canceled and Haines is taking her seat back at the “Hot Topics” table.

“I grew up watching ‘The View,’ and what this show stands for — different women, different backgrounds and different points of view — just speaks to my soul,” Haines told ABC.

“I feel like I caught a shooting star twice,” she added. “To once again be a part of the dialogue where I can share, discuss and disagree alongside these powerful and strong women is a tremendous honor. I feel very lucky.”

The View premieres on Tuesday, September 8 at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. CT/PT on ABC.