‘The View’: George Hahn Says He’s Ready to Be the First ‘Sausage’ on the Panel to Replace Meghan McCain

Rumors that Meghan McCain planned to leave The View prompted actor/comedian George Hahn to suggest a fresh new face on the panel – him. He made his case on Instagram and Twitter telling producers they have nothing to lose by casting him and it “will be fun.”

Richard Marx suggested that ‘The View’ cast George Hahn

Dressed in one of his smart signature suits, Hahn made his case to producers in a video from a New York City street. “Attention people at The View,” he began. “Word on the street is that Meghan is leaving, at least according to Page Six. Listen, I’m ready, willing, and able to be the first sausage on the panel.”

The View cast during a live taping in 2020
The View cast during a live taping in 2020 | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

“What do you say?” he continued. “Let’s do it! Let’s give it a shot! It will be fun. It’ll be exciting. It will be hilarious. I’m in. I’m ready. So, let me know. Hi Joy! I’ll talk to you soon.”

The video was likely shot after musician Richard Marx suggested that Hahn step in for McCain. “Paging ⁦@georgehahn⁩ …George Hahn…” he tweeted. Marx also expressed his support on the same video that Hahn shared on Instagram too. “I am completely for this,” he commented.

Many ‘The View’ fans are ready for George Hahn too

Marx wasn’t the only one who thought Hahn would make a great addition to The View. “Yes. Yes!!!! I’d actually start watching The View,” one person replied on Hahn’s Twitter thread. Another wrote, “Gimme George Hahn, and I will watch @TheView with an enthusiasm I have not felt since the Rosie-tRump feud.” Others vowed they would return as View viewers if Hahn was added to the lineup.

Hahn’s fans understand exactly why the actor would make a great addition to The View. His daily observations and musings, peppered with satire and spice could be the refresh the show needs. His videos, especially those joking about how New York City became a horrible place to live during the pandemic, caught fire.

The New York Time’s profile piece on Hahn recounted an early video that contradicted headlines that screamed about how New York was dangerous. “The streets are lined with people doing things like … getting ice cream … gay ice cream” he joked in the video, Navigating the nightmarish hellscape that is New York City. “Then I started feeling the pressure: Is this my ‘Citizen Kane’? Or can there be more of this?”

George Hahn is also an iconic part of New York City pop culture too

Hahn has a background in comedy, plus he was also Joan Rivers’ social media director. He recently reminded social media followers of his cameo appearance in HBO’s Sex and the City. He was cast as a man “Great Looking Guy” who lived in the building directly across from Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon. Miranda catches the attractive man’s eye from her window and goes about playing sexual peek-a-boo with the man for some time.

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She finally bumps into the man at the grocery store only to learn he was actually “cruising” another man who lived in an apartment below her window. Mortified, she drops her basket of groceries and leaves the store. “That time @cynthiaenixon thought I was looking into her window.,” he captioned the throwback video on Instagram.