‘The View:’ Joy Behar Shares How She’s Keeping Busy and Who She’s Crushing On While In Quarantine

Joy Behar of The View is remaining in self-quarantine during the coronavirus crisis, where co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain have followed suit. Calling in to the show via video, Behar is still weighing in on hot topics and having her say on politics.

The comedian recently spoke with a local publication on how she’s managing her daily routine while self-isolating.

Joy Behar of “The View” | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Behar the chef

Staying at home while in quarantine, The View co-host shared that it’s hard to stay away from snacking throughout the day. “Like I said on The View, I can’t seem to maintain a 6 foot distance from my refrigerator,” she told the West Side Rag. “I can not! I like to cook anyway.”

Known for her legendary lasagna that her fellow panelists on the daytime talk show are always requesting, Behar confessed that she has made the famous dish only once so far.

“I’ve only got one in the freezer which I’m saving,” she said, adding a list of some of her other creations. “But I’ve made a lamb stew, a meatloaf, steak, I made eggplant parmigiana, chicken Milanese…”

When asked what she considers the ideal meal for quarantine, Behar stuck with the basics. “Any comfort food.. I love meatloaf and potatoes. Oh, and I made melted potatoes!” she revealed. “I found it on the internet somewhere and it is soooo good.”

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Behar prefers Brown’s

As for beverages, Behar goes for bubbly, but not the alcoholic type. “Dr. Brown’s Diet Cream Soda which I can’t get!” she said. “They’re out of it! They say ‘Oh, you can have Black Cherry’ but no! I want Diet Cream! Nobody wants Black Cherry. I want Diet Cream and I can’t get it… I like it better than alcohol.”

The stand-up comic admitted she does have some spirits in her house but wishes the brand she chose came along with a certain host. “I do have the George Clooney tequila around which is quite good,” Behar shared. “If only George Clooney came with it.”

When it comes time to stock up on groceries, Behar sends her husband Steve to the store. “I shop at Costco so I feel like I have enough paper towel and toilet paper for at least a little while,” she said, “but I find I’d like more mozzarella and ricotta.”

Behar revealed why she sends Steve rather than going herself. “My husband will go out and shop for me, because he’s 7 years younger than me, then come home, change out of his clothes and shower immediately,” The View star explained, then gave some advice for those who are still single. “That’s a tip, by the way ladies: Always marry a man who’s younger than you because in case of a pandemic, they come in handy!”

‘The View’ star on creativity and crushes

Though she’s home with more downtime, Behar isn’t being as productive as she’d prefer. “I’ve found it very difficult to write. To be creative. I feel blocked,” she admitted. “I wrote a play that’s supposed to be produced, but of course, now can’t. We’re supposed to have a reading of it this summer… I just can’t bring myself to seem to do any writing.”

When asked if she was having any romantic leanings toward certain celebrities while self-isolating, the comedian opted for a humorous star.

“It would have to be someone who can make me laugh so I’d say Mel Brooks,” Behar revealed. “I remember asking Anne Bancroft once, where would you like to live? NY or LA? And she said: ‘Wherever Mel is. I know when he comes home at night, that’s when the party is going to start!’ So yeah, Mel is my celebrity quarantine crush.”

While she may not be pursuing as many professional endeavors as she’d like, Behar did find a way to get rid of some items around her home.

“I’ve got this pantry and I was thinking of organizing it, but I realized, if I just keep using up whatever’s in it and eating out of it and not replacing anything, it kind of automatically cleans and organizes itself!” she shared. “So that’s my Marie Kondo tip: Just keep eating everything and eventually it gets organized and cleaned out!”