‘The View’: Meghan McCain Calls Out Ivanka Trump for Being ‘Tone-Deaf’ Over the Coronavirus

Meghan McCain is taking the coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously on The View. On the same day the conservative co-host shaded Elisabeth Hasselbeck for trying to “pray away” the pandemic, she also called out Ivanka Trump. McCain has an issue with Jared Kushner and his wife only showing up when it benefits them.

Ivanka Trump and Meghan McCain
Ivanka Trump and Meghan McCain | Samuel Corum/Getty Images

What did Meghan McCain say?

“I’ve been upset about their roles in this because they put on hats when they want it,” McCain said on the ABC talk show.

The Republican pundit feels that both Trump and Kushner are only front and center when it’s convenient for them.

“When you’re a White House adviser and you want to create policy, you have that hat on,” McCain continued. “When you want to be a mom at home talking about how to entertain your kids, you’ve got that hat at home. I get moms do everything; I get it. It’s not that she can’t talk about being a mom, but at the same time I haven’t heard anything. … The three of us have been raging about masks and ventilators, and by the way this is her hometown. NYC is Ivanka’s hometown. If this were happening in Phoenix, I’m sorry you guys, I love this show, but I’d probably be at home in Phoenix raging about it because it’s my hometown.”

McCain feels that both Kushner and Trump should be more front and center during these harsh times.

“It’s incredibly tone-deaf to me. If you are Jared or Ivanka right now — I’m enraged in a way I haven’t felt in a very long time,” McCain continued. “So it’s sort of strange to me that when they want to be policy advisers, they’re policy advisers when it’s easy and convenient, but when crap is really going down and there’s a huge crisis, you want to put beautiful Instagram photos up. And I for one, I’m not interested in that.”

Meghan McCain also shades Elisabeth Hasselbeck

McCain is truly enraged, as she repeatedly said during the show. She also threw in a little shade to Hasselbeck after she co-hosted the prior week. Although it’s unusual for hardcore conservatives to go against each other, McCain called her out for not taking the coronavirus seriously. The ladies were discussing how Donald Trump and Fox News called the pandemic a hoax.

“I’ve worked in conservative media for my entire life,” McCain said. “There are a lot of people that are only listening to Fox News on this. I saw the tone in this country start to change — again, we were raging about this for a long time — the tone started changing when Fox started changing. That to me is concerning for older people, where we have a harder time convincing to take this more seriously.”

The conservative co-host noted a shift with the president’s opinion occurred after Fox News host Tucker Carlson allegedly made him change his perspective. McCain said she feels she’s “the only conservative in the entire world left on mainstream media.” She sometimes feels getting “tribal” feeling everything is an “attack” on the president or Republicans.

“By the way, we had it happen on this show as well, not with me,” McCain continued. “We had it happen on this show, lest we forget, some Republican saying that we should wash our hands and pray it away. It wasn’t just on Fox News that it was happening. It happened right here on The View.”

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