‘The View’: Meghan McCain Rumored To Have ‘Blocked’ Guest Co-Host Tara Setmayer From Show

Meghan McCain is a fiery co-host on The View with her hardcore political opinions. The conservative panelist is very critical of Republicans that don’t stand by their party completely and follow blindly. She has called Ana Navarro out for sounding more like a Democrat than Republican and has now taken on a feud with Tara Setmayer.

Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain
Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain | Jeff Neira/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images / Greg Endries/Bravo

Where did Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain’s feud start?

Setmayer is a Never Trumper and during a conference, she called out Meghan McCain and her husband, Ben Domenech.

“You have millions of these cult followers, because it’s a cult,” Setmayer said referring to Trump’s base. “This has become a cult of personality. I’ve said this for three years now. I got into an argument with Meghan McCain on The View over this and stood my ground. She told me to stop saying that, it’s redundant. I said, ‘No, too bad. It’s the truth.’ She didn’t like that, and neither did her husband.”

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The political analyst was referring to a debate she had with McCain on The View that got extremely tense. Setmayer was a guest co-host that day and at one point was even considered to fill in a vacant seat on the morning talk show. During the anti-Trump conference, Setmayer looked into a camera and greeted Domenech.

“Can I just finish my point really quick since I was interrupted,” Setmayer added. “The reason why I said hello to Ben Domenech is because we were personally attacked for having this conference, because we’re standing on principle and we’re speaking the truth about what’s going on. I used that as an example because that’s what we’re up against.”

“They want us to be bullied into silence,” Setmayer continued.

The feud heats up

The Washington Examiner wrote an article on the conference but the headline was completely misleading. When Setmayer said she was being “bullied into silence,” the author attributed that quote to both McCain and her husband, which was not accurate.

“I said no such thing about Meghan McCain,” Setmayer clarified in a tweet. “However, I did respond to her husband’s attack on me and the Principles First summit and speakers.

McCain also saw the tweet from the Examiner and called out Setmayer.

“I’ve never done jack sh** to you,” McCain tweeted. “Stop using my name for media attention.”

Since McCain mentioned Setmayer in her tweet, the latter defended herself from the former’s bold accusations.

“First of all, the headline is incorrect. And I immediately confronted the writer on here to say so. And there were 200 other people in the room who could back that up,” Setmayer fired back. “Secondly, I don’t need to use your name for media attention and never have.”

Did Meghan McCain block Tara Setmayer from ‘The View’?

Following their Twitter spat, a new report claimed that McCain blocked Setmayer from appearing as a guest co-host on The View.

“We haven’t had Tara back on the show in [seven] months and of course you can guess why, Meghan hates her. For whatever reason [ABC] does whatever Meghan wants,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

The insider insinuates that McCain enables her husband to take shots at people she doesn’t like.

“I’ll put it to you this way, if Joy Behar was starting Twitter fights with ABC News contributor Chris Christie online, all hell would break loose behind the scenes and she’d be in big trouble,” the insider confessed. “Meghan and her husband lash out at Tara, an ABC News contributor, and ABC News President James Goldston is sending his assistant out to buy Meghan a new cactus. It’s a real s**t show.”

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