‘The View’: Meghan McCain Gives Birth To Baby Girl and Daughter’s Name Is Revealed

Meghan McCain from The View and her husband Ben Domenech have welcomed a baby girl to the world. The couple has confirmed that their daughter was born on Monday, September 28. McCain had been off the daytime talk show since last Thursday, September 24, and fans had been questioning where she was. It was the ABC show’s social media accounts that delivered news of McCain becoming a mother.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

What did Meghan McCain name her baby?

McCain and her husband have been secretive about their pregnancy as they don’t want any negativity around their child. Fans were happy to know that the couple decided to reveal their baby’s name and it was shared with The View’s audience.

“We are excited to share the happy news that our Meghan McCain and her husband Ben Domenech have welcomed their first child, daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech,” the Instagram post read.

A source close to the couple told People that McCain and her baby “are happy and healthy.”

News of the baby’s birth comes as McCain teased her due date as she joked about her looks.

“2.5 weeks until my due date and trying to keep myself looking as stylish as humanly possible while feeling like shamu,” she posted in the description.

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Meghan McCain worked until the end

McCain loves talking about politics and due to 2020 being an election year, she continued to do her job so close to her due date. The Republican pundit even defended The View after she read tweets criticizing there were not enough viewpoints on the show.

“To everyone saying The View is one view… I am out there fighting every single day of my life into my 8.5 months of pregnancy for conservative Americans, conservative ideals, and principles,” she tweeted. “Every. Single. Day. You want to criticize? Come out here on the front lines and join me.”

McCain understands that being a conservative woman on a mainstream network is important and likes the challenge that this entails.

“I don’t work in the cozy warmth of conservative media,” she said in a second tweet. “I choose to put myself in uncomfortable spaces because I believe we aren’t going to win any culture or political wars without reaching new people and changing hearts and minds. Take a seat everyone playing armchair quarterback.”

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In addition, she also commended her employer for allowing her to share her opinion.

“ABC news gives me the platform every day on America’s #1 daytime talk show, as a pro-life, second amendment, life-long Republican, married to the founder of [The Federalist]. I am grateful for The View and the ability to speak to and for so many GOP women in America who aren’t represented.”

Is Meghan McCain returning to ‘The View’?

Many wondered if McCain was returning to The View after having a baby and she has reiterated that will come back.

“Why does everyone ask me if I’m getting fired or quitting every 20 seconds?” she said on Watch What Happens Live annoyed at the question from a fan. “No other host has to deal with this BS. Yes, I’m coming back. It’s an election cycle.”

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McCain’s absence will be covered by a rotating group of guests and the show’s producer assured that all sides of the conversation will be covered.

“We will have a lot of good guests on the show and maybe a couple of surprise guest hosts,” producer Brian Teta said according to Deadline. “We have every viewpoint accounted for, including the conservative side.”

The View airs weekday mornings at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT on ABC.