‘The View’: Meghan McCain Tells Joy Behar, ‘You Don’t Know Anything About Politics’

Meghan McCain was back on The View after an unexpected absence on Monday. The ladies were fired up to take on the latest “Hot Topics” of the day. They all had a field day talking about politics which is when the show sizzles and thrives. When the subject of the democratic presidential candidate came up, McCain and Joy Behar exchanged words that got a little smug.

Joy Behar and Meghan McCain
Joy Behar and Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

What were the ladies discussing?

On the heels of the New Hampshire primaries, Behar believed that any candidate the U.S. citizens picked was good enough to vote Donald Trump out. The comedian believes that the party will unite behind the eventual nominee in the battle to take Trump out of power.

“I feel that at the end of the day the democrats will coalesce around the candidate,” Behar said.

McCain disagreed with Behar’s opinion as she feels the democratic establishment would not allow Bernie Sanders to win the nomination.

“I’m sorry, the establishment democrats don’t want Bernie to be [the nominee]. Bernie Sanders supporters are going to go absolutely insane at the idea that it’s going to be taken from them,” McCain added.

Behar was hopeful that the party would rally behind Sanders if he turns out to be the nominee to run against Trump. McCain fired back shooting down Behar’s hopes.

“I think if you think Bernie Sanders and his coalition of Bernie Bros are going to let this one go… this is his last hurrah. If he doesn’t make it, he’s never going to happen. If you think they’re going to go down quietly, you don’t know anything about politics,” McCain said harshly.

“I think that any Democrat would do better than this guy who is absolutely going to destroy the country,” Behar said back.

“With all due respect, you thought he was going to lose in the last election….,” McCain said with a smug face.

Joy Behar pulls rank on Meghan McCain

After their debate about Sanders and his supporters, it was time to do the Black History Month FYI. McCain refused to do it as she saw an indication they were close to cut for commercials. She tried to play stage manager on the set again but Behar pulled rank as the show’s moderator and made her read the teleprompter.

“There’s no time for that, we’re going to have to do it in the next segment,” McCain said as she looked to the audience.

Behar insisted and told the conservative co-host to “read that.”

“We don’t have time. I’m not doing this in thirty seconds,” McCain replied.

“Are you the stage manager?” Behar asked jokingly. “Do it!”

“I am the captain now,” McCain quipped. “There’s no time right now….ok.”

After putting up resistance, McCain finally read the FYI celebrating Zelda Wynn Valdes. She was the first black fashion designer to open up her own shop.

McCain consistently forgets that she’s not the moderator and doesn’t have to keep track of time. There’s a whole production working on the live show that monitors the time and indicates the moderator what they have to do next.

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