‘The View’: Meghan McCain Is in on the ‘My Father’ Joke, Pokes Fun of Herself With ‘Jeopardy’ Answer

Meghan McCain is one of the commentators on The View. As the only Republican co-host on the panel, the outspoken conservative gets called out often for her points of view. However, underneath that tough front, McCain has a sense of humor and she proved it this week when she poked fun of herself.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for GLAAD

Meghan McCain and the ‘My Father’ viral video

If you did not know by reading her last name, McCain is the daughter of the late Senator John McCain. The View co-host is proud of her legacy and is her father’s biggest admirer. During her multiple appearances in media, she often talks about her father, citing policy he has worked on, or life lessons she’s had from him. It’s truly a beautiful relationship McCain developed with her father.

Since being a guest on various talk shows over the years, someone noticed McCain repeatedly make references to the late Senator. A person with an abundance of time in their hands, compiled a series of clips where McCain is heard saying “my father.”

The video was shared across social media platforms with McCain saying “my father” for a whole minute.

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Undoubtedly, McCain has already seen the video and is in on the joke. The political analyst showed her sense of humor when her father was one of the answers on Jeopardy this week.

“The former Roberta Wright, the mom of this late senator, died at age 108 in October 2020,” read the clue.

McCain took to Instagram and captioned the image, “MY FATHER.”

Meghan McCain is the biggest ‘Real Housewives’ fan

It’s not often that fans get to see the lighter side of McCain as The View usually handles heavy topics. However, McCain has declared herself a huge The Real Housewives fan and is a frequent guest of Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. McCain watches all the franchises and recently she couldn’t contain herself expressing how much she was enjoying The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On a recent episode of RHOA, the ladies went to South Carolina to have a bachelorette party for Cynthia Bailey. Kandi Burruss organized the getaway and things got out of hand when one of the male dancers got all the attention. The peaches were gawking over the stripper named BOLO and his pronounced physical attributes.

The moment was impactful that McCain took time off The View to say how fascinated she was by the episode that served as escapism through this pandemic.

“I think everyone knows I’m a Real Housewives superfan and if you want some good escapism, The Real Housewives of Atlanta… the night before last, had this incredible episode where some of the cast members slept with a male stripper,” she said. “Kandi Burruss threw this incredible bachelorette party. And it’s some of the most compelling reality television I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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Furthermore, Burruss saw the segment McCain gave a shoutout to RHOA and returned the favor by sharing the moment on her Instagram.

“Much love to The View, especially Meghan McCain for showing love to RHOA. I love that so many of you enjoyed the bachelorette party I threw. More parties coming your way soon,” Burruss wrote.