‘The View’: Meghan McCain off the Show on Monday and Fans React

Meghan McCain has become a staple on The View thanks to her right-leaning views that clash with the rest of the panel. Whether most of the public agree with her opinions or not, her presence is necessary in order for the television format to work. Barbara Walters always envisioned a show where women gathered around the table and talk about everything, including politics. However, the show looked notably different due to McCain’s absence on Monday.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Greg Endries/Bravo

On the episode that aired on Monday, February 10, McCain was nowhere to be seen. Ana Navarro, who usually only appears on Friday’s, was on the panel and Joy Behar was the show’s moderator subbing Whoopi Goldberg in her absence. McCain was not on the show and guest co-hosting was Tyra Banks.

At the top of the episode, Behar announced that Goldberg would be returning on Wednesday while McCain would be reappearing on Tuesday. The comedian gave no reason for their absences and McCain didn’t address it on social media where she was extra active.

Fans react to Meghan McCain-less show

With McCain off the “Hot Topics” table, fans took to social media to share their opinions about what they thought of the episode.

“Enjoyed the show today without Meghan,” a fan noted. “No big drama, no eye rolls, no whining, just a solid non-confrontational show. Enjoyed Ana and Tyra. Did not have to change [the] station when [I] found out Meghan [was] not there. First time in ages I have watched [the] entire hour.”

“I really enjoyed The View today without Meghan McCain,” a viewer added.

“[The] show is much better without Meghan’s bad energy,” a Twitter user commented.

“I must say, The View was much better without you on it today,” another fan said.

“We don’t need Meghan McCain on the show. It was perfect and super funny today. Ana Navarro is incredible and we adore her. She should be there every day, not only on Fridays,” another viewer suggested.

“So nice to not have to deal with Meghan Mccain’s whining and daily temper tantrums on The View today. She’s exhausting. What a diva,” another Twitter user explained.

Meghan McCain talks feud with Whoopi Goldberg

One of the biggest feuds on The View happened at the end of December of last year. The ladies were talking about politics and things got so heated Goldberg told McCain to “stop talking.” Over a month after the incident, the conservative co-host finally addressed the drama.

“It was rough,” McCain said on Watch What Happens Live about the blowout with Goldberg. “I will say that she was having a bad day and we talked about it that night and the next day. It’s live TV and it’s really stressful times for everyone. I adore her. She apologized off-air, she apologized on-air. We all f***-up on the show. I forgive her and I love her and I could not do the show… if she leaves, I go.”

Despite their political differences, McCain respects Goldberg and says if she ever leaves, she would follow her right out.

“Whoopi is the anchor of the show and my life there,” McCain continued. “She always picks us up when we’re down. If she jumps, I jump. Whoopi is… I adore her and I need her as the moderator.”

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT.