‘The View’: Meghan McCain Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Debate Performance

On The View, Meghan McCain is known for her conservative viewpoints. McCain is never afraid to speak her mind and give her opinion, which often leads to her clashing with the other co-hosts on the show. Recently on The View, McCain offered praise to presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren for her performance in the Nevada Democratic Debate.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal

Meghan McCain tweeted during the debate

The Nevada Democratic Debate aired on NBC on Feb. 19, and during the debate McCain tweeted her opinions.

“YES WARREN, FINISH HIM! Here for the Bloomberg roast. #DemDebate,” McCain wrote on Twitter.

“I like Bloomberg defending capitalism…. #DemDebate,” she tweeted.

McCain also tweeted, “Yessssss! Inject this into my veins!! – ‘The best known socialist in American owns three houses.'”

At the end of the debate, McCain praised Warren for her debate performance.

“By far my favorite Dem debate. Especially with Warren burning everything to the ground on the way out. #DemocraticDebate,” she tweeted.

Meghan McCain praised Elizabeth Warren on ‘The View’

On Feb. 20, Warren appeared on The View to talk about her campaign and the debate.

“So folks are saying last night was your night,” Whoopi Goldberg told Warren. “And from the clip we played you pulled no punches. How are you feeling about your performance?”

“You know, I feel good about it,” Warren said. “I had a job to do and I came and I did it.”

McCain then sincerely congratulated Warren on the debate.

“First of all, congratulations last night,” she said. “I really enjoyed watching you.”

The conservative co-host of The View then told Warren she enjoyed watching her “rip out Mayor Bloomberg’s jugular.”

“That’s so nice,” Warren said.

The commentary from McCain and Warren received a laugh from the audience and other co-hosts of The View.

The two discussed the Nevada Democratic Debate

After a brief moment of laughter, McCain continued praising Warren and said she agreed with Warren’s criticism of Bloomberg.

“I really did. I take great offense at the idea that you’ve been running for President, all the other candidates have been running for President for a long time, you should just drop out because he has billions of dollars,” McCain said.

McCain then brought up Bloomberg’s history and asked for Warren’s opinion on why he has not faced much scrutiny until now.

“The time that Trump came up last night was when you compared him to saying that Democrats aren’t going to win the nomination if they have a history of harassing women. I think this is an incredibly strong point. He has a history of both misogynistic and racially-charged comments over a long period of time, and I believe the media has given him a huge pass on this. And I think it’s very confusing for Democrats. Why do you think the media seems to want to give Bloomberg a pass until you rightfully so called him out last night?” She asked.

“You know I think you’re asking the question, Meghan, ‘Why do they always seem to give the billionaires extra consideration?'” Warren said. “Because I think that’s what’s happened here. But you know what I’ll bet he’s doing right now? I’ll bet he’s reaching in his pocket and spending $100 million more on advertising to try and erase everyone’s memory of what happened last night.”

Viewers seemed pleasantly surprised with the praise

On social media, some who tuned into The View were impressed that Warren was able to have McCain agree with her. Others expressed shock that McCain actually praised a Democratic candidate.

“Elizabeth Warren is making so much sense on ‘The View’ right now that even Meghan McCain is quietly nodding along in agreement. #TheView,” tweeted writer Charlotte Clymer.

One Twitter user wrote, “Who’s THIS Meghan McCain? Did I miss something?”