‘The View’: Meghan McCain Promises to Return After Hiatus and Fans Are Not Happy

Meghan McCain from The View left the show along with her co-hosts for their summer hiatus. The panel is taking the whole month of August off and will return in September for more sizzling “Hot Topics.” McCain announced on Twitter that she will be returning for season 24 of the talk show and some fans are not happy about that.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Meghan McCain will be back

Viewers were wondering why The View will be airing re-runs all of August. The reason why the talk show is not live is due to the ladies are taking a break after wrapping up season 23. However, it won’t be long before the “Hot Topics” return as they will be back on television in September, along with McCain.

The conservative co-host tweeted out her gratitude for being part of the iconic show and also confirmed she would be returning for season 24.

“Thank you for a really wild, intense but memorable season,” McCain tweeted. “Today is our last episode and we are on hiatus for the summer. Grateful for this platform, my co-hosts, our fearless The View team and one of the last truly uncensored spaces in all of television. See you in September.”

McCain quoted the tweet of the video with all the bloopers from the ladies working from home.

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Disgruntled fans

News that the Republican pundit would be back to the show did not make everyone happy. Some fans feel McCain is too extreme and would prefer she not return and made their voices heard on Twitter.

“Let’s all pray Meghan doesn’t come back for season 24,” a fan said. “So many of us would like to watch the show again.”

“I love The View, especially Joy [because] she speaks her mind,” a viewer added. “In my opinion, Meghan never has to come back. She thinks she knows everything and you can’t tell her nothing.”

“Hopefully you won’t be back with that bitter child Meghan,” a Twitter user noted. “She needs to either quit or be fired. I know they won’t fire her because people love to hate her but she brings the mood down and you can clearly see she hates showing up.”

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“Meghan really spoils the show, please replace her with Ana [Navarro],” another fan commented.

“[Meghan] needs to learn to interview without snark,” another viewer suggested.

“[Meghan] begins and ends the show with anger and a tantrum in between,” another Twitter user noted.

Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg clash

On the last week of live shows, McCain and Whoopi Goldberg clashed. When the ladies brought up the viral “Challenge Accepted” trend to empower women, McCain steered the topic to something else.

“As a conservative woman, there’s always a level of skepticism because we are never invited into circles, traditionally,” McCain said. “In the Women’s March, we were literally not invited to join and told to stay home if you’re pro-life.”

McCain then raised the issue that the Women’s March co-presidents “had strong ties to Farrakhan and a lot of anti-Semitic.”

However, Goldberg corrected her and told her it was only “one of the women had strong ties,” not both as McCain suggested.

“Well, you can watch the tape of me interviewing them on the show and make your own decision,” McCain clapped back.

“Yeah, I was there,” Goldberg assured McCain.

“You were not,” McCain fired back.

It turns out Goldberg was right and the video of the ladies interviewing Tamika D. Mallory and Bob Bland resurfaced. McCain never acknowledged she was wrong nor apologized to Goldberg for calling her a liar.

The View is set to return in September at 11 a.m. ET and 10 a.m. PT/CT on ABC.

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