‘The View’: Meghan McCain Gets Slammed by Conservative Women for Trump Comments

Meghan McCain is one of five co-hosts on The View. She is the most conservative panelist on the talk show and continuously makes headlines. The Republican supporter is hard on her convictions and is not afraid to stand behind an idea that is not the most popular. McCain not only riles up liberals but she recently made fellow conservative women upset.

Meghan McCain and Donald Trump
Meghan McCain and Donald Trump | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images / Mario Tama/Getty Images

How did Meghan McCain offend conservatives?

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz was a guest on The View this week. If you follow politics, you know he’s one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. During his interview, McCain brought up the issue of how the POTUS was going to bring in conservative women to rally behind him.

“The thing that I don’t understand because I’m not a Trumper — I think that everyone knows that very clearly,” McCain said. “Policy-wise [Trump’s] been great on many things –life, military, economy– but his character issues are still what holds me, and especially so many conservative women, back from going full-throttle with him.”

The part that Republicans had an issue with was when McCain said that Trump would have an issue with “college-educated women” to vote for him.


Fans blast Meghan McCain

Following McCain’s comment, conservatives took to social media to slam her for implying Trump backers were uneducated.

“She may not have meant to come across as such a condescending b*** to some of her viewers but just because a woman supports Trump doesn’t make her uneducated or submissive to the male gender. We’re fully capable of thinking for ourselves Meghan,” a viewer tweeted.

“Hey Meg, your college education does not mean you actually have any sense,” a fan said. “College-educated, difference between you and me, I live in middle America hanging with the average people, you live in New York hanging with elitist.”

“I am strong, highly-independent, have a 4-year degree and I am voting for Trump,” a Twitter user added.

“Facts over feelings Meghan. The very policies that President Trump is implementing, that you claim to favor, are more important to us college-educated women that his brash persona,” another viewer commented.

“She lives in her little bubble world and doesn’t realize that young-educated women on college campuses support Trump,” another fan said. “Not to mention, all women who have life experience not garnered in some college setting. Meghan McCain needs a reality check. Us women live in the real world.”

Meghan McCain has been extra lately

Fans of The View have witnessed that McCain has been on edge lately. With Michael Bloomberg rising in the polls, the conservative co-host has bad major blow-ups. During a heated debate with Joy Behar, McCain lost it and Whoopi Goldberg had to send to commercial break.

“What? Am I supposed to give Bloomberg a pass?” McCain questioned. “Not on this show, not with this host.”

Behar then asked who she was voting for and all hell broke loose.

“Who I vote for is none of your business but I am not voting for Trump and I am sure as hell not voting for Bloomberg,” McCain shouted back.

“Then you’re not going to vote,” Behar said.

“It’s none of your business,” McCain repeated.

To break the tense environment, Goldberg sent to break so everybody could cool down.

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