‘The View’: Meghan McCain Slams NYT Over ‘Hit Piece’

Meghan McCain from The View is not having a great week. After reports that she was being shunned by her co-hosts, the New York Times published an op-ed that tried to discredit her work. “The View Has a Meghan McCain Problem” was the title of the piece written by Shamira Ibrahim that received major flack from conservatives in the media.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“The daytime co-hosts’ heated bipartisan debates are played down as disagreement among friends. But the strain for ‘civility’ is tiring.” Ibrahim wrote. “Since Ms. McCain joined as a co-host on ‘The View’ in October of 2017, she’s become its most polarizing and predictable figure, the common denominator in the show’s most contentious round tables as of late. In the early days of her arrival, the conservative commentator’s on-air spats made for fun TV. Now, it’s just exhausting.”

McCain took to Twitter to offer her reaction to what she calls a “hit piece.”

“If the NY Times wants to understand the country, maybe they should try having one woman in the room who doesn’t accept their groupthink on guns, abortion, and religion. Apparently that’s too much for them,” McCain tweeted.

“The writer of the hit piece on me admitting how much they hate conservative women. At least everyone is being honest,” McCain said on another tweet.

“Everyone already knows how much you despise red state, pro-life, pro #2A conservative women, and wish we would all just go away,” read another fiery tweet from McCain.

Meghan McCain receives support from conservatives

After blasting Ibrahim, conservative heavyweights defended McCain and tweeted out their support.

“What an embarrassing example of how the Left is becoming even more insular by the day. That is saying a lot,” Joe Scarborough tweeted.

In another tweet, the MSNBC host said, “The Left owns most of American popular culture. And yet the existence of one moderately conservative woman poses a threat to civil discourse. Good Lord. What a joke.”

“The left kissed up to John McCain every time he spoke truth to Trump but can’t handle his daughter speaking her own mind when it doesn’t fit neatly into a progressive world view? Open your mind,” Scarborough continued in another tweet shared by McCain.

Megyn Kelly also weighed in on the controversy adding, “The hatred for conservative women by the ‘woke’ is ever apparent and totally undermining to their demands that people take them seriously. So empathetic … unless you don’t think exactly as they do.”

Meghan McCain on Abby Huntsman leaving ‘The View’

McCain was at the center of controversy last week when she was rumored to be feuding with her friend Abby Huntsman. A source claimed there was animosity on The View and none of the women were talking to McCain.

After that controversy, Huntsman announced she was leaving the show to help her father’s political campaign. McCain took to Twitter to send her fellow conservative co-host best wishes.

“Wishing my amazing friend and co-host Abby Huntsman nothing but the best on her next chapter,” McCain tweeted. “The View is less without you and your light. I wish you, your family, and your father John Huntsman’s campaign all the absolute best. He’s lucky to have you officially lead his team.”

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