‘The View’: Meghan McCain Tells Chelsea Clinton To ‘Lighten up’ After Tweeting Shady Photo of Hillary Clinton

Meghan McCain of The View has been particularly active this week on Twitter. The conservative co-host is never afraid to give her opinion and her comments on the ABC talk show made her go viral. However, on Thursday, it wasn’t her talking points on TV that got attention, it’s what she tweeted out. McCain mocked a viral Hillary Clinton photo that was noticed by daughter Chelsea Clinton and the two exchanged tweets.

Meghan McCain and Chelsea Clinton
Meghan McCain and Chelsea Clinton | Lou Rocco/Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

Why did Meghan McCain mock Hillary Clinton?

McCain is a hardcore Republican that loves to tweet about politics whenever she’s not debating on The View. She happened to come across a tweet from Trump supporter Caleb Hull who has a disdain for Hillary Clinton. Hull thought it would be a good day to throw shade at Hillary for a viral photo of her entering an apartment and looking around.

“I think about this photo at least once a week,” Hull tweeted.

That’s where McCain came in and quoted the tweet and added, “same.” The shade from McCain to Hillary was undeniable as she is not fond of the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democrat Presidential Candidate.

It so happened to be that Chelsea Clinton saw McCain and Hull throwing shade at her mother and she had to intervene to clarify what that photo really meant.

“I don’t even think about a single photo of my mom once a week ([and] there would be millions to choose from),” Chelsea tweeted. “It’s an image from 2016 when she visited [New York City Housing Authority] building to pledge more funding for public housing, including to remove mold, like in the apartment pictured.”

After Chelsea checked McCain and Hull, The View co-host clapped back at the former First Daughter and said, “Lighten up, Chelsea.”

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The contrast of Meghan McCain’s clap back

McCain ended up deleting her shady response to Chelsea after a backlash of tweets inundated her timeline. The irony of it all is that a couple of days before, McCain tweeted about all the negativity she read about her on social media.

“Twitter comments and chatter are hurting me today for the first time in a really, really long time,” McCain tweeted. “It’s hard to reconcile that my daughter can read this stuff someday. All I can say is I do my best every single day and have the best of intentions in my heart.”

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McCain had been receiving a lot of flack about her take on Meghan Markle and the royal family drama. Twitter can be a toxic environment as everyone piles on to give their opinions to attack a person. That is why it’s inconsistent that McCain would first mock a photo of Hillary, which would undoubtedly attack trolls, and second, clap back at Chelsea.

If McCain would have simply ignored her impulse into making fun of Hillary, she would have lessen the toxicity. However, by retweeting the photo, she amplified the arena and opened up Hillary for more attacks. Chelsea most likely saw the negativity around her mother and that is why she replied, to add context.

Chelsea is the daughter of Hillary and she saw the nasty messages, something that McCain doesn’t wish upon her daughter. The inconsistency of the messaging is evident. Why is it OK to allow and mock someone openly, but it’s an issue when it’s done to oneself?