‘The View’ Is Reportedly Hiring a Former Trump Staffer as Its Newest Co-Host

Sources say The View is set to welcome a new permanent conservative co-host, and the choice is reportedly already making waves. The former assistant to President Donald Trump has been a frequent guest co-host at the long-running daytime talk show’s table. And reports indicate Alyssa Farah Griffin will fill the vacant spot permanently starting in the fall.

Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain as co-hosts on 'The View'
Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images

Meghan McCain left ‘The View’ after 4 years as co-host and doesn’t watch anymore

Former co-host Meghan McCain said she left the show in 2021 because she was “worn out” from being villainized. “It was a privilege to be on for four years. I have moved on,” she said while on the Reality with The King podcast following her exit.

“I don’t watch the show at all. It doesn’t really enter my lexicon that often, even just the feeds I follow on Twitter and the news I read and the pop culture I consume,” McCain explained (per PEOPLE).

She added, “Most of the pop culture I consume, it’s a lot of Housewives …”

Some fans might wonder if McCain has any regrets about leaving, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. She said, “I don’t miss it, and I think it’s because I had such a hard time my last season. It was a really hard time in my life.”

“I’ve been really open, in my book, about what happened,” she went on. “I felt like I owed it to give more context to my experience. I think my experience on the show suffered a lot with COVID and Zoom.”

She explained that’s because she thinks “it’s a lot easier to hate someone through a box and through a screen and to not understand where they’re coming from.”

Sources say a former White House staffer is set to join ‘The View’

The View has been looking for a conservative co-host replacement for their panel, and rumors say a deal is all but done. Sources have reported Farah Griffin is set to take a permanent seat at the table when the show’s 26th season kicks off in the fall of 2022.

A spokesperson for the show did not confirm the news. “We do not have a co-host announcement to make at this time. Stay tuned,” they told Variety. A representative for Farah Griffin didn’t respond to the outlet’s request for comment.

The sources who spoke with Variety said an official announcement would come in the next few weeks. But it seems Farah Griffin might have already caused a bit of a fallout, even as a guest co-host, because of her former job.

Alyssa Farah Griffin had an important title in Donald Trump’s White House

Farah Griffin was the White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to President Donald Trump (per PEOPLE). This fact is problematic for some viewers, though Farah Griffin has grown critical of the former president since leaving the White House.

It’s been reported that frequent-guest Wanda Sykes even pulled out of a visit to The View because Farah Griffin would be seated at the table. Sources told The Daily Beast’s Confider that Sykes “didn’t want to be part of helping a Trumper launder her reputation.”

A spokesperson for the comedian didn’t respond to the outlet’s request for comment.

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