‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Once Slammed a Writer on the Show; ‘You Are an Anonymous B*tch’

For years, Whoopi Goldberg has entertained fans of The View by sharing her opinions about a myriad of topics. Naturally, the Sister Act star has landed in the headlines quite a few times about some of her more controversial statements. However, sometimes the media isn’t focused on Goldberg’s views at all. Instead, they’ve chosen to criticize her appearance and personal sense of style.

The View star Whoopi Goldberg smiling in front of a black background
Whoopi Goldberg | Marco Piraccini/ Getty Images

As a celebrity, Goldberg has been fielding criticism for years. But back in 2009, the Cinderella star was positively fed up with the gratuitous nitpicking about the way she chose to dress and she used her platform on The View to call two writers out. Citing a spread in TV Guide magazine entitled Fashion Whoops, which called Goldberg out for her “fashion faux pas” and insisted that she needed to revamp her style, Goldberg gave the writers a piece of her mind.

Whoopi Goldberg once addressed two TV Guide writers on ‘The View’

“So I have a little bone to pick with TV Guide magazine,” Goldberg began, showing the spread to The View audience. “Particularly a woman called Ingela Ratledge. They put together a little thing you know of how they would dress me up if they wanted to, you know how they would make me look like everybody else on the street.” Continuing on, Goldberg began to direct quote the magazine.

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“So let me put it this way because Ingela is the first person I’m gonna deal with,” Goldberg declared. “She writes ‘Your co-hosts [on The View] Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd managed to be appropriate, presentable, on-trend every day while you come to work looking like you’re ready to make a run to Costco. We wish we could say your style offenses are limited to your day job.'”

Goldberg slams the writers for their opinions on her style

After citing the article, Goldberg slammed the writers, much to the delight of the audience at The View. “OK, Ingela you are an anonymous b*tch. My style, who I am, is not about my clothing,” the actor stated. “If I came in a burlap bag I would still be Whoopi Goldberg and I’ve always been me so you can kiss my a*s.” But Goldberg wasn’t through yet, she then continued to address another writer who had less than favorable things to say about her.

“For the lady, Stacy London, who wrote ‘Everything she wears is so oversized and casual it’s at odds with her environment, distracting, and hard to take her seriously.’ Tracy, honey Stacy, whatever your name is, I don’t need you to take me seriously,” Goldberg declared. “I am myself, I’ve always been myself and you don’t judge me by what I wear, you judge me by what I say. Everybody take a good time and enjoy the view.”

‘The View’ audience loved the comedian’s commentary

We’re sure fans of The View completely understood why Goldberg was miffed about the opinions expressed in the TV Guide Magazine. We imagine the writers who wrote the aforementioned article thought a bit more about the language they used the next time they were giving their opinions on someone else’s style.