‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Jokes Kelly Clarkson Will Be Fined for Not Making a Hard Decision

The coaches don’t always have an easy job judging on The Voice. The new season showed Kelly Clarkson struggling and Blake Shelton gave her a hard time about it by mentioning being fined.

Carter Rubin and Larriah Jackson were trained for a battle

The first battle was between 14-year-old Carter Rubin and 15-year-old Larriah Jackson. They were given the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend.

Julia Michaels was the advisor for Stefani’s team. She also happens to be a singer that started out young so she understood what the contestants are going through. The contestants said it was big song and the pressure was on given they were performing in front of Legend.

Michaels and Stefani were impressed by the power of their voices. Fans also got to learn more about the young singers. Michaels said her biological father left and she was raised by her stepdad. Rubin said his brother was diagnosed with autism and was going to think of losing his family as inspiration for his performance.

The judges joked about quitting ‘The Voice’

John Legend, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson on 'The Voice'
John Legend, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The judges didn’t seem to know what to do at the end of their battle. “You are so screwed,” Clarkson told Stefani. “I’m gonna quit,” Stefani then said pretending to walk off.

Clarkson then addressed the singers, “What?! You’re 14 and 15 that’s insane. If I’m gonna have to pick which I definitely don’t wanna do…”

Shelton cut her off with, “Kelly you’re contractually obligated to pick somebody. It’s a $25,000 fine by NBC if you don’t.” Clarkson joked, “it is worth it” before saying “I’m not picking.”

The country singer did give his decision to Stefani. “I guess if I was having to just say a reason, Larriah. She ended as strong as she started,” he explained.

Legend admitted he judges performances more harshly when it’s covering his song. But he was “throughly impressed” by the teenagers. He said he leaned toward Jackson just by a hair.

Stefani then had to give her decision. She picked Rubin and said, “Ultimately Carter has a little bit more of a unique sound to his voice and unique gift being young and a male.” Stefani then saved Jackson.

The singers are moving on to the 4-way Knockout

Jackson and Rubin will be taking the next step in the competition. Stefani seemed hopeful about their chances.

She tweeted, “You both make me so proud @carterjrubin@Larriah4! Time to get ready for the 4-way knockout gx #TeamGwen#VoiceBattles” during the episode.

Some of the decisions on the show are hard to make. It looks like the judges don’t always have to make them if its not to decide between two contestants on their own team.