‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Tricks Contestant to ‘Scare’ Her

The teams of The Voice are dwindling down through the battle rounds. Blake Shelton tricked one of his contestants hoping she would learn the hard way and take his advice. This is how he scared her, which led to tears.

Emma Caroline made it onto Team Blake on ‘The Voice’ 

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Emma Caroline auditioned with Kacey Musgraves’ “Slow Burn.” Shelton and Kelly Clarkson turned their chairs for her.

Nick Jonas told the Alabama singer that her performance was a little “timid.” John Legend said he knew there was no chance for him once Shelton turned his chair. 

Clarkson said she loves country music and Musgraves is doing something new and old in the genre. Shelton said Caroline’s voice is more of a “mountain” sounding voice that he loves. He thinks Caroline could do something new like Musgraves.

Legend and Jonas joked that her picking Shelton would be predictable. But she chose him anyway. In a new episode, he tries to pull Caroline out of her shell.

Blake Shelton tricks contestant to ‘scare’ her

Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' Season 20
Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ Season 20 | Trae Patton/NBC

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The second part of the battle rounds kicked off with Team Blake. He put Emma Caroline. 25, up against Cam Anthony, 19. 

“I think I got away with one in the blind with Cam,” Shelton said. “What’s not to like with Cam’s voice? Watching this guy, you really realize you’re looking at somebody who could be a big star.” 

He then talked about Caroline. “Emma’s voice is really cool because it combines soulful runs with this mountain country sound in there,” the country singer said. “It’s a unique blend.”

Shelton pointed out Anthony is performing like he’s the leader of the band, while Caroline is just singing. She then talked about being insecure and was scared of being on a stage in front of the country. Anthony does have a head start on Caroline when it comes to performing, given his early success.

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The singers were given “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber for their battle. Jonas, Legend, and Kelsea Ballerini complimented Caroline on her tone. However, Legend and Jonas chose Anthony for his stage presence and voice.

Shelton then told Caroline, “It’s frustrating to know that you are that good of a singer, but I don’t know that you believe you are that great of a singer because of your body language.”

He then said Anthony looked like he was born to perform. Shelton unsurprisingly picked Anthony. Caroline thanked Shelton thinking she was going home, but then he saved her.

“Why’d you have to that to me?” she asked crying. “I wanted to scare some stage presence into you OK?” he told her. Caroline said it worked and she’ll now dance.

This means Caroline will be going to the 4-way Knockout and continue to work on her confidence. Hopefully, Shelton won’t have any more tricks up his sleeve.