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Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton The Voice
Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice has vocalists compete to win every season with the help of a famous coach. But how much money does the winner actually get in the end? We decided to find out that out and how the winner could still lose out on their rewards, according to the show’s contract. Here is everything you need to know about winning The Voice.

The winner of The Voice wins $100,000

The Voice winner gets a grand total of $100,000 for winning the show. They also get a shot of making more money by signing a record deal with Universal Music Group. The record deal has worked out differently for all of the winners of the show and the coaches have been up front that The Voice hasn’t really made a star like American Idol.

Blake Shelton hoped his last winner, Chloe Kohanski would take off after winning Season 13. “I truly think Chloe can go on from here and become the first star that we’ve had come out of this show that can have some hit songs,” he said.

“The record company just needs to give her the platform. If they can really do that it’s going to be easy,” then he added, “If we can’t follow through with this thing, then WTF?”

It hasn’t been totally hopeless for The Voice winners. Jordan Smith came out with a successful album after winning with Something Beautiful. It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Chart and he sold 54,000 units in the first week of its release, according to The Huffington Post.

The $100,000 grand prize is pretty good, but do the contestant get any other money for doing the show? The answer is yes, but it might not be the amount you’d expect.

Contestants reportedly also get money while on the show to cover living expenses

the voice
Jordan Smith on The Voice | NBC

Once The Voice goes live it becomes harder for contestants to work. So the show also gives contestants money to cover that.

We got a stipend for living, but no, we didn’t get paid,” Tristan Shields who appeared on Season 2 of The Voice revealed. Vicci Martinez also revealed what kind of snacks were provided on the show. “They had a Starbucks there with snacks all day,” she said according to Cosmopolitan. “It was annoying because a lot of the girls were worried about watching their weight. It was anything you wanted.”

The winner of The Voice may not be chosen the way you think

The Voice claims the contestants that are safe are the ones who got the most votes from fans, sold the most music, or was chosen to be kept by their coach. But that might not always be the case according to the reality show’s contract.

According to the New York Daily News, the contract states that The Voice can “ignore the show’s voting system, which includes sales figures for contestants’ songs on iTunes, in the event of problems.” It’s also possible that the winner of the $100,000 can be sued for up to $1 million if they reveal the details of their contract.

So it’s possible contestants could “win” the show and still not actually be rewarded as the winner. Even if they do get the grand prize it’s possible the show could try to take it back.

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