‘The Voice’ Season 22: Camila Cabello Is Already Plotting Against Blake Shelton

As the longest-running coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton is always the first person to start a friendly rivalry with the new kids. He spent last season bantering with and poking fun at newcomer Ariana Grande. Now, on The Voice Season 22, it’s Camila Cabello‘s turn to sit beside Shelton — and she’s not giving him an easy time. In a new preview clip for the upcoming season, Cabello roasts Shelton and plots against him during Blind Auditions. Check out the clip below and read more about how Cabello fits in with the other coaches.

The Voice coach Camila Cabello attends 2022 iHeartRadio Wango Tango // Blake Shelton sitting in his char on The Voice
‘The Voice’ coaches Camila Cabello (left) and Blake Shelton (right) | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images, Trae Patton/NBC

Blake Shelton welcomes Camilla Cabello to ‘The Voice’ with a note in a promo video

Earlier this month, NBC released a cinematic promo video for The Voice Season 22, showcasing Camila Cabello’s first day as a coach. In the trailer, Cabello finds a mirror decorated with a “Welcome Camila” sign, wrapped gifts, and flowers from a kind secret admirer. However, she also finds a not-so-kind anonymous note created with cut-out magazine letters: “You are going 2 lose so bad!”

Cabello talks to fellow coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Shelton about who could have written the note. As it turns out, Legend also received a note telling him that he shouldn’t have come back. Shelton acts awfully suspicious, insisting that the letters are anonymous. Later, The Voice host Carson Daly approaches the gang with cut-up magazines and asks Shelton to “please stop crafting in my dressing room.” Busted.

Camilla Cabello roasts Blake Shelton in a preview clip

Now, it seems Camila Cabello is getting revenge on Blake Shelton by poking fun at him whenever she can on The Voice. A recent preview clip, as seen above, shows the coaches in action during the Blind Auditions. Cabello immediately calls out Shelton for pronouncing her name wrong.

“He calls me Camelot, Carmichael. Why is it so hard for him?” she jokes.

Later, when Shelton tries to get an artist on his team, Cabello tells the artist he would make a great addition to Stefani’s roster. Cabello defends herself by saying she “wants the best” for the singer, but Shelton insists she only “wants the worst” for him.

“Both can be true,” Cabello admits.

If the preview is any indication, Cabello feels right at home in her chair on The Voice. The video also shows her complimenting a singer’s “special” voice and getting up to dance as she tells them she would “swipe right” if The Voice was a dating app.

Gwen Stefani and John Legend spoke fondly of ‘The Voice’s new coach

Stefani and Legend seem to be much more welcoming toward Cabello. In a recent interview with NBC Insider, Stefani gushed about having a “new friend.”

“She’s smart, cute, funny, witty, hardworking, smart — I said that already,” the former No Doubt singer said. “I think she’s gonna be a great coach. We had a great time doing the Blinds together, and I’m excited that she’s here and I have a new friend.”

Meanwhile, Legend told NBC Insider that Cabello would be “tough to beat” this season.

“I’ve made it harder for myself by allowing her to be my competition,” Legend said. “And now, she’s coming for the crown. We all should look out.”

The Voice Season 22 premieres on Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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