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The Voice Season 22 coaches may be rivals in their big red chairs, but they have perfect harmony on stage. Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend recently joined newcomer Camila Cabello on a cover of her hit song, “Havana,” adding their own unique flairs in ways that fit together like puzzle pieces. The performance has gotten many fans even more excited for what’s to come this season. Check out the cover below and read more about Cabello’s first time as a coach.

The Voice Season 22 coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend, who sang Havana together.
‘The Voice’ Season 22 coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend | Vijat Mohindra/NBC

Camila Cabello joins the coaches on ‘The Voice’ Season 22

NBC announced in the spring that longtime The Voice coach Blake Shelton would return for season 22, as well as John Legend, marking his seventh consecutive season. Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani is back for her sixth season, replacing season 21 coach Ariana Grande.

The new season also includes Camila Cabello as a brand new coach, giving The Voice veteran Kelly Clarkson some time off. Cabello joins the show after serving as a Battle Advisor to Team Legend last season. According to Legend, he encouraged her to come back for a coaching position someday.

“She was on Team Legend as my celebrity guest mentor, and I could tell she was really good at it,” he told NBC Insider. “In fact, I told her, ‘If a coach opening ever comes up, you should do it because you’d be great at it.'”

‘The Voice’ Season 22 coaches teamed up to perform Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’

The veteran coaches of The Voice Season 22 welcomed Cabello by singing along with her on “Havana,” her 2017 hit single that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Cabello opened the Latin song with smooth, slow vocals before the band and her fellow coaches jumped in as back-up. Then, the coaches took turns singing verses. Each coach showed off their musical genres in their voices — Legend’s R&B/jazz, Stefani’s pop/ska, and Shelton’s country.

After the performance, all four coaches gathered in a group hug and laughed together, showing how well they got along (even Shelton and Cabello put their feud aside). Fans of Stefani and Shelton could even see a few adorable moments between the spouses as they gazed lovingly at each other during the song.

Many viewers ate up every second of The Voice Season 22 coaches’ cover of “Havana.” The comments section of the YouTube video was filled with praise.

“Damn Gwen’s voice! Crunchy, edgy, aesthetically pleasing!! Blake’s raspy voice, John’s jazzy element!! And I can see Camila is so proud of herself, being able to sing her own song with these living legends!” one fan wrote.

“Camila sounds smooth and those vocal runs wow! John vibed, meeting the melody with his suave tone. Gwen’s tone adds a different layer of sound that is really cool and unique. Blake with his southern twang fits in really well. The friendship between John and Camila and Camila and Gwen is adorable,” another user added.

“Soothing Sounds from this year’s The Voice Coaches. Welcome, Camila Cabello!” wrote another fan.

Camila Cabello says she came ‘full circle’ by coaching on ‘The Voice’


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While this is Cabello’s first time as a coach on The Voice, it’s not her first singing competition. As Fifth Harmony fans know, she got her start with the girl group on The X Factor in 2012. In a preview of The Voice Season 22 (seen above), Cabello said it feels like she’s come “full circle.”

“It feels cool to be able to reflect on what I’ve learned and help somebody on their journey,” she said.

In her first season, Cabello hopes to find artists who can shine after The Voice.

“I’m looking for people that have potential outside of this show, like people that I can hear them on a record,” she added. “The best, most exciting music landscape comes from diversity and representation and having all different kinds of people tell their story through music. … I do feel like the underdog this season, but I feel like the underdog fights harder and smarter.”

The Voice Season 22 premieres on Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.