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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have long been rival coaches on The Voice. However, going into the newest season, one thing is different: their marital status. The two already worked together on the show a few times during their relationship, but season 22 marks the first time they’ll appear as a married couple. Many fans are excited to see how Shelton and Stefani’s marriage will affect the hilarious tension. According to their fellow coaches and previews of the season, though, the dynamic has already changed.

The Voice Season 22 coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attend the 48th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute
‘The Voice’ Season 22 coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s romance began on ‘The Voice’

Stefani and Shelton met for the first time on The Voice in 2014. It was Stefani’s first time in a coach’s chair, and Shelton had been a coach for six seasons. In 2021, Stefani admitted that she didn’t exactly see Shelton’s appeal at first. In fact, she didn’t even know he existed before The Voice. However, over time, she caught on to Shelton’s beloved sense of humor — and his “hot” looks.

“When I got on the show, I was, like, googling him and watching old reruns of The Voice to try to figure out why people like him so much,” the “Don’t Speak” singer said on From Apple Music With Love. “The more I watched the show, the more I could see [it.] ‘Wow, he’s funny, he’s tall,’ [I thought.] I started to get it.”

Stefani and Shelton soon found comfort in each other as they both experienced divorces. Their relationship officially began in 2015. After six years together, the “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” singers tied the knot last summer at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma.

Gwen Stefani says it’s ‘surreal’ to be on ‘The Voice’ again with her now-husband

Stefani and Shelton have been co-stars on five seasons of The Voice so far. However, their sixth run together on The Voice Season 22 feels different, according to Stefani. She told NBC Insider that it was “surreal” to go back to the place where their romance began.

“Stepping back on the set of The Voice this time was very surreal,” she shared. “Being married, it brought back so many memories of all the different seasons that we’ve been on The Voice together, all the different phases of our friendship, of our relationship.”

Still, Stefani says it’s been “easy and flawless” to work together. Their marriage hasn’t caused them to go easy on each other. On the contrary, as seen in a preview for the season, it’s almost as if they’re more competitive now. In the video (above), newcomer Camila Cabello asks if Stefani and Shelton made a pact that they wouldn’t fight over The Voice, and Stefani quickly says no. Later, all bets are off as Shelton tells producers to mute Stefani’s microphone.

John Legend says Blake Shelton has lost his edge with Gwen Stefani back on ‘The Voice’ Season 22


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On the other hand, Shelton and Stefani’s co-star, John Legend, is convinced that Shelton is going easy on his wife. In a recent interview with E! News, the “All of Me” singer said Stefani’s presence “takes a little of [Shelton’s] edge off.”

“You can tell he’s like, losing country singers now, like his competitive fire is, um … he’s a little bit defanged by Gwen being here,” Legend added.

Fans will have to see for themselves how Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani interact during The Voice Season 22. The season premieres on Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.