‘The Voice’ Season 22: Former Coach Nick Jonas Gave Camila Cabello Hilarious Advice About Blake Shelton

The Voice newcomers are always looking out for each other — especially when it comes to Blake Shelton. As the longest-running coach on NBC’s singing competition, Shelton has become known for giving the new kids a playfully hard time. Nick Jonas, who spent two seasons coaching on The Voice, is well aware of that fact, so he generously gave season 22 coach Camila Cabello some advice. Here’s how Jonas told Cabello to deal with Shelton’s antics.

The Voice coaches Nick Jonas and Camila Cabello at the 2017 Person of the Year Gala
‘The Voice’ coaches Nick Jonas and Camila Cabello | Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Blake Shelton has a habit of bullying newcomer ‘The Voice’ coaches like Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande

Many coaches have come and gone on The Voice since its first season in 2011. However, Shelton has remained a coach the entire time. His fellow OG coach, Adam Levine, left after season 16, making Shelton the only celebrity to have coached every season. The country singer has a way of letting that get to his head.

It’s become a tradition on The Voice for Shelton to pick on new coaches, albeit in a friendly way. For example, when Jonas joined in season 18, Shelton poked fun at the Jonas Brothers bandmate’s age and told him he would probably lose the season.

“I’m not even sure if you’re old enough to be a coach on The Voice, but I’m certain that you’re going to get your butt kicked, buddy,” Shelton told Jonas in a video message on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When Ariana Grande took over for Jonas in season 21, she became Shelton’s next target. The two sat next to each other in their big red chairs on The Voice and bantered with each other every week. He often teased Grande for her devastated reaction to eliminations on her team. Over the years, longtime coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have made it a mission to get back at Shelton.

Now, it’s Camila Cabello’s turn to sit beside Shelton. It was announced earlier this year that she’d take over for Clarkson in The Voice Season 22, joining Shelton, Legend, and Gwen Stefani. Cabello has been getting tips from current and former coaches, including Jonas.

Nick Jonas warned Camila Cabello about Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’

Nick Jonas and Shakira, who coached on The Voice Seasons 4 and 6, spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Camila Cabello back in May. The singers shared their support for Cabello’s coaching and warned her about Shelton, with Shakira saying the newcomer should “watch out.”

Jonas revealed exactly how Cabello should handle Shelton’s presence: “Just ignore him like he’s not even there.”

On a more serious note, Jonas said Cabello would “kill it” as a coach. Even with Shelton’s reputation, the coaches always form a sweet bond with each other and their teammates, which makes the show even more enjoyable.

“There’s nothing like being a part of the Voice family,” Jonas added. “It really is a special group, and they always do such a good job at putting great people together and the energy’s always good, so I think she’ll have a good time.”

Camila Cabello goes head-to-head with Blake Shelton in season 22

It seems Cabello hasn’t exactly followed Jonas’ instructions. As seen in a preview for season 22 (above), instead of ignoring Shelton, she’s teasing him right back. The clip shows Shelton mispronouncing Cabello’s name as Cabello points out that he always gets it wrong.

“Why is it so hard for him?” she jokes.

Later, Cabello encourages an artist to join Stefani’s team instead of Shelton’s. She claims to want “the best” for the singer, but Shelton insists that Cabello only wants “the worst for me.”

“Both can be true!” Cabello adds.

The Voice Season 22 premieres on Monday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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