‘The Voice’ Executive Producer Talks About the ‘Hilarious’ Way Nick Jonas Judges Contestants During Blind Auditions

Every season of The Voice shows the coaches making fun of each other. Nick Jonas is now the target for several reasons. Blake Shelton has joked about him being younger and Jonas likes writing in a notebook to remember things during performances. Find out what an executive producer has to say about his method and how the other coaches react to it.

Nick Jonas is convincing in ‘The Voice’ teaser

We are now able to see what kind of coach Jonas will be and he has a way with words. A video shows him talking to artists during the blind auditions.

“I want you on my team and I want to fight for you. So let’s do this!” he says while standing up. “You’re the kind of singer that I would die to write songs for,” he says.

Jonas also listed off a few things he noticed about his approach. “What seems to be working for me is talking to the artist as a team mate and not as a coach,” said the singer. He added, “I’m saying ‘Let’s work on this together.'”

We see another clip that he uses his background of working with his brothers for the Jonas Brothers as proof he’d be perfect as a team mate. The other coaches are still not going to take it easy on him. They even make fun of his methods when it comes to judging performances.

A sneak peek showed Blake Shelton making fun of his notes

A sneak peek was released before the season premiere. It teased how the coaches will interact with Jonas.

Nelson Cade III performed for his blind audition. All of the coaches turned around but Jonas was blocked by John Legend.

“We’ll talk later John,” he said to him. Jonas admitted that he’s jealous the other coaches will get to fight for him, which led to Legend singing his song, “Jealous.”

There was some feedback Jonas wrote down during the performance. “So I wrote ‘star’ and ‘wow’ on my notepad here,” he said. Shelton then asked, “Wait a minute, so you could remember?” Jonas then responded with, “I was home schooled.”

Fans will have to wait to see if he writes more thoughtful notes for the other performances. But this time it did lead to a funny moment.

The executive producer said his notes are hilarious

Nick Jonas on 'The Voice'
Nick Jonas on ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Executive producer, Audrey Morrissey talked about the new coach this season. It sounds like the young coach is in it to win it.

“Nick basically is a strong competitor,” she told Parade. “He’s not going to go down without a fight. He really is competitive. He can dish it as well as he can take it.”

His method is a little different by using the notebook. “The notebook is hilarious,” said the executive producer. “There are other funny little things that happened down the road, because John and Blake are super comfy. John is more comfortable than ever and he is really holding his own against Blake and dishing it back to him. So, that’s really fun to see that power balance dynamic change.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Jonas will keep the notebook for the whole season. The new season premiere Feb. 24 at 8/7 CDT on NBC.