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If someone were to buy Kendall Jenner a gift, they may have a hard time coming up with any ideas. And not because any gift that she may want would probably be out of most people’s price range (although that would definitely be one of the reasons). The main reason someone wouldn’t know what to get the 23-year old model would be because she seems to have everything that anyone could possibly want already. From a very profitable modeling career to lavish family vacations, there doesn’t seem to be too many things that are out of this socialite’s reach.

However, you may be surprised to find out that there is one thing that Kendall’s mom, Kris Jenner, has that she desperately wants, and is hoping to one day inherit. So what could this one thing be? The answer may shock you.

What does Kendall want to inherit from her mom?

Recently, Kendall had an interview with Elle. When the interviewer asked her if there were anything that Kendall hoped that her mom would pass down to her, Kendall admitted that she and all of her sisters have their eyes on certain things they want from Kris Jenner. She had said that all of the Kardashian-Jenner girls have already claimed what they want. She acknowledges that the thing she has “called dibs” on is a little bit weird, but she says that she has her eyes on her mom’s jewelry.

When asked if there was any specific piece that Kendall was after, she said: “She has really good watches, like, really, really nice watches. I’d want something from her watch game.”

Kendall may think it is a bit odd to want her mom’s jewelry, but we certainly don’t. Because when it comes to jewelry, Kris Jenner definitely knows her stuff. She once had her own jewelry line where she had created and sold a beautiful multi-colored pearl necklace. 

If Kendall wants some of her mother’s watches, she probably won’t have to wait too long to get them. Kris told People that she has already given some of her jewelry away to her daughters. For Khloe’s birthday, Kris had given her a natural diamond bracelet that was given to Kris by her ex-husband the day Khloe was born.

The family’s matriarch has a very good eye for jewelry, especially diamonds. “My favorite is natural diamond jewelry because they’re so versatile. They go with everything and they’re a great investment,” Kris told People in a recent interview.”

Kendall knows a thing or two about jewelry

Kendall may not have inherited any of mother’s breathtaking jewelry just yet, but she has already inherited her mom’s impeccable taste when it comes to the bling. In 2017, Kendall became a creative collaborator with the world-renowned jewelry manufacturing company, Ippolita. 

Ippolita is known for having some of the most extravagant and high-end pieces of jewelry on the market. Most of their pieces cost a couple of thousand dollars, while some of the more expensive pieces can cost as much as $55,000. 

The fact that she already has a prosperous career in the fashion industry, and her and her sister, Kylie, have their own clothing line, creating extravagant jewelry pieces just seemed like the move in the right direction for Kendall.

According to Allure, the owner of Ippolita, Rostagno Ippolita, also agrees that this collaboration is a great move for her career in fashion. “[Kendall’s] point of view is to dress down with your clothes and dress up with your jewelry,” the famous jeweler said in an interview about his upcoming collaboration with Kendall.

No matter what piece of jewelry Kendall gets to inherit from her mother, with Kris’ impeccable fashion sense, we know that it will be something that Kendall will be able to cherish for the rest of her life.