‘The Wilds’: Producers Explain ‘Lost’ Comparisons

New Amazon Prime TV show The Wilds is garnering lots of comparisons to another show about being stranded on an island — Lost. The Wilds and Lost comparisons seem natural to make given the main premise of both shows, so The Wilds producers Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris weighed in on the parallels — and differences.

Amy B. Harris
Amy B. Harris | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

What producer Amy B. Harris had to say about ‘The Wilds’ and ‘Lost’ comparisons

“I think initially, as [creator] Sarah [Streicher] likes to say, ‘We stand on the shoulders of that giant,’ and wouldn’t deny that to anybody,” Harris said about being compared to mega-hit show Lost to Collider in an interview.

“That is a show that broke a lot of ways of telling a story,” she continued. “What we always talked about and sort of what I’ve always been interested in as a writer, you can tell a story, but it’s like, why is it a Sex and the City story versus a Friends story? Why are these stories so different?”

Harris concluded that it’s different because of the subjects of the story — and specifically, in the case of The Wilds — which is about young girls learning tough life lessons.

“And I think it’s because we are telling it through the lens of teenage girls,” she said. “It’s inherently sort of different. So, we can sort of celebrate the things that are obviously sort of an homage to Cast Away as well as My So-Called Life, in terms of talking about the teenage experience in a really authentic, specific, grounded way.”

What creator Sarah Streicher had to say about it

Streicher added to Collider: “And we talked very honestly about how much we love those shows and then it was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to tell our stories, and how are those stories different because of the ensemble of women that we are writing about and for?'”

Lost may be a show about a plane crashing and its supposed survivors learning how to move on from being stuck on an island — but The Wilds is about teen girls working together to get through a catastrophe while growing up together as well.

Viewers will certainly come away from The Wilds satisfied with how unique the storylines are and how diverse the girls are, as well.

Will there be a season two of ‘The Wilds?’

Firstly, if you haven’t watched The Wilds already, you should go ahead and get watching — but, fair warning, you’ll probably find it hard to stop. However, once you catch up and are wondering if there’s a season two, luckily Amazon Prime Video already confirmed the show’s renewal.

Hopefully, the second season can safely get back to production soon. Even though the TV show only came out in mid-December 2020, fans are already eagerly awaiting for more content to consume from The Wilds. But the good thing about streamer services online is you can always go back and rewatch your favorite shows again and again.

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