‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’: Trailer Reveals Hints at the Elves’ Tragic History in the Franchise’

The Witcher and season 2 is only one part of the story to be told. The season finale of The Witcher Season 2 revealed a first look at The Witcher: Blood Origin. The new upcoming series details the story of the elves on the Continent before the Conjunction of the Spheres. In an era before The Witcher, the teaser trailer gives fans an idea of what led to the elves’ tragic series of events in the Netflix series.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains mild spoilers for The Witcher Season 2.]

'The Witcher: Blood Origin' main characters behind shields and holding weapons.
‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ main characters | via Netflix

What is ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ about?

The new Netflix series centers around three elven characters. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Michelle Yeoh as sword-elf Scían, Laurence O’Fuarain as vengeance-seeking warrior Fjall, and Sophia Brown as Queens-guard-soldier-turned-traveling-musician Éile.”

In the teaser trailer, the three characters are initially against one another. But a specific cataclysmic event forces them to band together against a common enemy. The Witcher: Blood Origin occurs 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher. In a time when elves ruled the Continent.

According to the official Netflix logline, the series chronicles the tale of the first witcher and the events that led to the Conjunction of the Spheres where “the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.”

Details in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ will help fans understand the elves’ story in ‘The Witcher’

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In the teaser trailer, Scían, Fjall, and Éile ally to fight a common enemy who could be humans. The trailer does not give much away, but the characters are fighting an enemy sporting traditional armor. Could it be humans? According to the storyline in The Witcher, after the Conjunction of the Spheres, humanity was first an ally to the elves before turning on them.

According to showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich in an interview with Variety, “there’s so many things in Season 2 that begin to set up ‘Blood Origin’ — you won’t know it when you watch it because you don’t know how those things will play out. There are little Easter eggs — and not just in dialogue but visual Easter eggs — you’ll see again in ‘Blood Origin.'”

It is likely The Witcher: Blood Origin will explain how the elves developed the weapon to fight against humanity. Also the origins of Lara Dorren. The prequel will also delve into how witchers are created as Vesemir in The Witcher Season 2 explained the mutagen was made with Elder blood.

The exact storyline of The Witcher: Blood Origin is still unclear, but fans can look foward to understanding the events that led to the elves being persecuted by humans.

The prequel series will also delve into The Wild Hunt

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The Witcher showrunner also hinted the prequel would further explore the story of The Wild Hunt. Hissrich explains The Wild Hunt is a group of elves who became trapped between spheres. In her interview with Variety, she explains Voleth Meir’s story is somewhat connected.

“In some ways, the lore will start connecting from ‘Blood Origin’ into this, so we’ll understand how people came to be trapped between spheres and how Eredin and the Wild Hunt came to be.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will premiere in 2022 and consist of six episodes.