‘The Witcher’ Will Be Less Confusing In Season 2

The Witcher is loved by fans. Some, however, do find it somewhat confusing. Luckily, for these fans, it will be less so in season 2 as a controversial element will be largely removed. This is according to showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who answered some fan questions on Reddit.

Why did some fans find ‘The Witcher’ confusing in season 1?

Henry Cavill of The Witcher
Henry Cavill at the photocall for The Witcher season 1 | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The confusion, for many fans, comes from the multiple timelines taking place over the course of the show. NXOnNetflix even posted an official timeline on Twitter of all the events that happen during the show. Hopefully, this timeline will help clear things up for fans who were confused by the first season of the show. The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich also explained the timelines in her initial pitch for the show.

A fan on Twitter reacted to finding out there were three timelines by saying “what the ****.” This fan also figured out the timelines by “episode 4” of the show. Another viewer mentions that “the timelines are so wacky.” While yet another fan asks for an explanation, saying that they “just realized [in episode 7] that it’s on different timelines.”

How will ‘The Witcher’ be clearer in season 2?

According to The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, on Reddit, season 2 is bound to be less confusing than season 1 is for fans. This is because the three timelines “have begun to converge.” For season 1 of The Witcher, Hissrich and the writers “knew [they] needed to play with time a bit.”

The Witcher season 2 will be “structured differently.” According to Hissrich, reported by GamesRadar, “the story will be much more linear, now that the three characters’ stories have started to intersect.” This also fits with what Hissrich told the site previously, that “the story becomes much more focused” in season 2 of The Witcher.

Hissrich also mentions that “all of the relationships that we’ve been setting up in season one, actually start to come into fruition in season two.”

Why might the writers have gone the route they did in the first season of the Netflix series?

Hissrich believes “it’s a matter of personal choice.” She “likes [stories] with structures [she has] to figure out.” Of course, “other people may not.”

There’s also another reason Hissrich and the writers went the route they did in season 1 of The Witcher. They wanted to “tell Geralt’s short stories…while Ciri and Yennefer could also be a part of the action.” Said short stories are important because they are “the foundation of the whole Witcher world, in [Hissrich’s] opinion.” Many fans, according to Hissrich, “didn’t figure it out until episode 4.”

This is “exactly when [Hissrich and the writers] expected people would do it.” According to GamesRadar, Hissrich will also be “approaching [characters aging] differently in [season 2]” of The Witcher. For example, in season 1, the writers “dropped the ball on aging [Jaskier] up.” It seems that will change in season 2.

Hissrich acknowledges that “it’s hard to show the passage of time when everyone looks the same.” So look forward to more obvious time passing in season 2 of The Witcher. Many fans will likely be glad at the change. Confused viewers will hopefully find the show easier in season 2.