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Netflix’s The Wrong Missy stars former Orange Is the New Black and Crashing actress Lauren Lapkus. The improv star was thrilled to work with one of her comedy heroes, David Spade, on the movie. Recently, Lapkus spoke about her experience working with Spade on The Wrong Missy, which hit No. 1 on Netflix worldwide.

Lauren Lapkus is the stand-out performance in ‘The Wrong Missy’

The Wrong Missy
David Spade and Lauren Lapkus in The Wrong Missy | Katrina Marcinowski/NETFLIX

As the Los Angeles Daily News reports, Lapkus more or less steals the show in The Wrong Missy. It’s a relatively new concept coming from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, which has traditionally trended towards male-centric stories. The publication wrote:

Most Happy Madison productions feature guys — Sandler or his longtime comedy pals — as the agents of inappropriate behavior. In The Wrong Missy, though, it’s Lapkus who gets the raunchiest lines and action.

No doubt, the actress took some lessons from her time on the improv stage to the set of The Wrong Missy.

34-year-old Lapkus is a big name in the small, niche world of improv comedy. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lapkus frequently performed improv on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage in Los Angeles. (UCB has produced TV show favorites like The Good Place‘s D’Arcy Carden and Parks and Recreation‘s Ben Schwartz).

Lapkus on working with fellow cast member David Spade

The Wrong Missy lead told the Daily News in an interview that spending time on set (and off) with David Spade was “fun if surreal.”

Lapkus grew up watching Spade on Saturday Night Live as well as his myriad roles in comedy movies and TV shows. The actress names Spade as one of her top 3 favorite SNL castmates.

David Spade
David Spade in 2016 | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

“That was the main push behind me going to the audition, but once I really got into the material and got to do the movie it was so fun because this role is just so crazy,” she explained. Working with Spade sounded like a blast. Lapkus told the Daily News:

It was really, really cool to get to work with him. He’s just so funny, and he’s extremely kind. We both are fans of The Bachelor so we would watch it together on Monday nights while we were filming.

While shooting The Wrong Missy, Spade, Lapkus, and whole cast shared a lot of laughs.

“We definitely had a lot of moments where we couldn’t stop laughing because things were so ridiculous,” Lapkus said.

Lauren Lapkus, star of The Wrong Missy
Lauren Lapkus in 2019 | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

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‘The Wrong Missy’, produced by Adam Sandler, hits No. 1 on Netflix worldwide

Netflix showed The Wrong Missy as their No. 1 movie the entire weekend after its release. Lapkus shared her thanks on Instagram.

“Thank you for making #thewrongmissy the #1 movie in the world on @Netflix!” she wrote in the caption. “Unbelievable. It’s been so exciting for everyone who worked on the movie. Thank you for watching.”

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