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‘The Young and the Restless’: 3 Most Disappointing Storylines of 2021

'The Young and the Restless' provided plenty of talked-about storylines in 2021. However, most of the plots this year didn't live up to the hype. From Abby Newman's baby plans to secrets from the past, these stories were critically panned. So what was the most disappointing storyline of 2021?

The Young and the Restless had lots of dramatic storylines in 2021. From babies to break-ups to secrets from the past, these were a few key elements throughout the show. While the writers hyped the plots, the outcome wasn’t what fans expected. Here’s a look at a few of the disappointing storylines from this year.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Melissa Ordway wearing a black dress and posing on the red carpet.
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‘The Young and the Restless’ Abby Newman’s surrogacy was the worst storyline of 2021

As seen in the past, The Young and the Restless writers know how to take a simple storyline and make it more confusing. Abby Newman’s (Melissa Ordway) baby plans took center stage on the soap opera this year. Abby and her husband, Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd), wanted a baby, yet their hopes were dashed. She learned she couldn’t carry a child, and Chance wouldn’t father a baby.

Then when Chance was called away on a secret mission, he encouraged Abby to continue with their plans to have a family. With the help of surrogate Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), Abby’s dreams of motherhood were coming true. Yet, more drama came when Abby’s ex-husband Dr. Ben “Stitch” Rayburn (Sean Carrigan), kidnapped Mariah.

With so many characters and twists, The Young and the Restless fans would agree that the surrogacy storyline was the most disappointing. One Reddit user called the storyline “Phony on every single level & feels extra forced to meet some idealized viewpoint of the world that isn’t even remotely realistic.”

Ashland Locke’s secret past was a letdown

New character Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) was introduced to The Young and the Restless earlier this year. Ashland is a powerful New York businessman and the ex-husband of Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner). Ashland and Tara divorce shortly after their arrival in Genoa City. Tara reveals that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) is the father of her and Ashland’s son Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez).

After his divorce from Tara, Ashland begins dating his new business partner Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). However, their relationship is complicated by a series of revelations from Ashland. First, he tells Victoria he’s dying of cancer, although some fans believe he’s faking it.

Then after Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) dug into his past, Ashland confessed more secrets. Ashland revealed his real name and said he took over his deceased friend’s identity to escape a rough home life. But that wasn’t the end of his secrets. Ashland also altered Camila Rhodes’ will so he could get her money.

Fans were expecting big, juicy secrets from Ashland’s past, yet the revelations were a letdown. It didn’t have any impact on him and Victoria because they married.

‘The Young and the Restless’ wrote a disappointing exit for Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott

One of the biggest news stories of 2021 was Mealor and Hunter King’s departure from The Young and the Restless. Their characters Kyle and Summer Newman, were a popular couple. Yet, Tara and Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) scheme kept the pair apart.


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Summer broke up with Kyle and accepted a job in Italy. However, after Tara and Sally’s plot was exposed, Kyle flew to Milan to reunite with his fiancée. Fans were ecstatic the lovebirds reunited and expected to see a fairy-tale wedding. Yet, Summer and Kyle’s exit consisted of a video chat announcing their move to Italy.

Summer and Kyle did get married; however, it happened off-screen, much to fans’ disappointment. With Summer and Kyle being a super-couple, many thought The Young and the Restless should’ve given them a proper sendoff.