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The Young and the Restless is known for creating iconic soap opera couples. Victor and Nikki Newman (Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott) set the stage for many of the show’s famous duos. Yet, the writers came up with weird pairings from time to time. Let’s take a look at a few of the worst couples.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Eric Braeden in a black suit, and Sharon Case in a white outfit with black blazer.
Eric Braeden and Sharon Case I Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

‘The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Newman and Victor Newman were one of the worst couples

Soap opera characters tend to keep it in the family when it comes to romance. In 2012, The Young and the Restless decided to pair Victor with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), making them one of the worst couples ever. Victor is Sharon’s former father-in-law, and the two had a close bond. Out of all Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) wives, Sharon is the one Victor approved of.

But Sharon and Victor’s relationship took a romantic turn when they married. Their marriage came when Victor was in jail for killing Diane Jenkins (Maura West), and he wanted to protect his assets. Despite plans to annul the marriage, the two stayed together; however, Victor went missing, and Sharon took over Newman Enterprises.

Sharon transformed from a beloved heroine to a villain trying to control the Newman empire. However, her plan was thwarted when Victor returned from the dead. The Sharon and Victor romance was criticized by fans who were upset at the show for ruining Sharon’s character.

Sally Spectra and Jack Abbott

When Sally arrived on The Young and the Restless in November 2020, speculation began on her love interest. Many fans believed she’d be paired with Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson); however, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) captured the redhead’s eye. Jack fell head over heels in love with Sally and began wooing her.


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From the start, their relationship was a turnoff for fans. This pairing fell flat between the age difference and Sally possibly using Jack. The writers listened to the viewers because Sally and Jack are no longer together. She’s since moved on with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Jack about to reunite with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford).

Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher

Chloe Mitchelle (Elizabeth Hendrickson) has had plenty of love interests on The Young and the Restless. But Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) seems to be her worse pairing. The couple started as friends before their relationship turned romantic. The two married in 2012, yet are plagued by many issues, including the death of Chloe’s daughter Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono).

Although they separate, Chloe and Kevin eventually reunite. Currently, the couple is happy in Genoa city with their kids Bella and Miles. Yet, their lack of storyline is annoying to fans, who believe it’s time Chloe ditched Kevin. As one Twitter fan wrote, “She needs a pairing with some actual chemistry, #FreeChloe from Kevin.”