‘The Young and the Restless’ Actress Sharon Case Dishes About Her Favorite Scene to Film

To many TV viewers, it may seem like certain soap operas have been on forever, and some of them have. The Young and the Restless, having started in 1973, is actually one of the younger soaps on the air. But it still seems older, especially now that it’s airing reruns to fill the void created by the pandemic production shutdown. 

To help fill that time, not only have the soaps been airing classic episodes, but the stars have taken to Twitter to offer fans behind the scenes details, which can be just as much if not more fun than the actual soap opera. One of the stars getting in on the game is Sharon Case.

How long has Sharon Case been Sharon Newman?

Sharon Case looking away from the camera, smiling
Sharon Case | Christopher Polk/WireImage/Getty Images

Sharon Case plays Sharon Newman on the soap, and she’s been doing so since 1994. She began her career playing Dawn Winthrop on General Hospital in the late 1980s. She also appeared on As the World Turns and on two episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

Sharon Newman was created in the early 1990s as a love interest for Nicholas Newman, but Case was not the first actress to play her. That distinction went to Monica Potter, whose credits include the movies Patch Adams and Along Came a Spider, and the series Parenthood. Then Heidi Mark took her place before Case stepped into the role.

She has been rewarded for her efforts, winning a Daytime Emmy Award in 1999. She certainly has been given lots of moods to play, including bouts with mental health issues and burning down patriarch Victor Newman’s house. It’s all in a day’s work for Case, who has said, “It’s almost like I’ve played 15 different characters in my career when I’ve only played one. There’s never a dull moment.”

What scene did Sharon Case love filming?

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Case live-tweeted a show in mid-May when one fan asked Case what her favorite scene to film was. She replied, “I really like the JT storyline, I loved that party at Victoria’s and then JT was killed and we wrapped him in a rug!!! Was so fun!!” She was referring to a 2012 episode where J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) was thought to have been killed by Nikki, who was defending her daughter, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). This being a soap, a later storyline involved bringing JT back from the dead. 

Twitter wasn’t the only place Case brought The Young and the Restless onto the online world. She also appeared in a Zoom interview with multiple other Y&R stars keeping people updated on how they’re doing in lockdown. Sharon Newman has had quite a lot to deal with lately, including a breast cancer diagnosis, and that has led to fans awaiting their favorite shows’ return even more anxiously than they already were. 

On Twitter, Case was also asked when she and her castmates would get back to work. She replied “We all can’t wait to get back to work. Idk exactly when but we hope it’s soon.”

How are the ratings for the soaps with the shutdown?

The Young and the Restless often leads the ratings of the four remaining soaps, the others being General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and Y&R’s sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful. However, because General Hospital had more new episodes ready to go, they’ve taken the lead in the ratings, according to Soaphub.com. They reported: 

“Per the Nielsens, GH earned 2,168,000 viewers. The Young and the Restless came second with 2,124,000. Days of Our Lives was third with 1,956,000. The Bold and the Beautiful came in fourth with 1,726,000.” Soap operas have declined in popularity in recent years, but it seems the stay-at-home orders have given them a boost. At this rate, it seems at least some of the shows will go on as long as there are enough eyeballs on them.