‘The Young and the Restless’: Courtney Hope Says Sally Spectra Learned Her Lesson

It’s not uncommon for an actor to leave one soap opera show for another. It’s also not uncommon for characters to leave one show for a different show. The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and Restless are sister shows, so this happens quite often. Courtney Hope is the latest actress to make the jump, but how will her character Sally Spectra fare in a new city?

Or is the real question how will the residents of Genoa fare?

Sally Spectra was a character on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Courtney Hope
Courtney Hope | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Sally Spectra made her appearance known on The Bold and the Beautiful back in 2017, and brought a lot of drama with her. As it turns out, that seems to be part of her family inheritance.

Sally is the granddaughter of the original Sally Spectra, who was played by Darlene Conley, and she inherits a lot of the original Sally’s characteristics.

Like many characters on The Bold and the Beautiful, Spectra is not above lying to get what she wants. From faking a serious illness to meddling in other people’s lives, Spectra did what it took to get her own way. 

Hope says that this is not out of maliciousness, however. Spectra has to fight for what she wants, and she really believes that what she’s doing is right. While that might look great on paper, it ends up messy in real life, and Spectra sometimes pays a steep price for her actions.

While it would often work out for a little while, things usually ended in disaster for Spectra. That might be why she’s gotten the sudden urge to relocate to Genoa in order to start over.

Sally Spectra gets a new start on ‘The Young and the Restless’

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Genoa has its fair share of drama, so Spectra will fit right in. Fans are wondering how she’ll interact with other characters, however.

In an interview with CBS Watch, Hope stated, “Sally is very feisty, very determined and very artistic. But given her last name, people have a tendency to not expect a lot from her. She and her family have quite a patchy reputation of being tricksters and causing a little bit of… what’s the word? Nonsense! So people don’t totally take Sally seriously, which makes for fun, but also makes her want to try harder to prove herself and get people to like her.”

This could be Spectra’s chance to start over, and prove her worth, which is what she wanted all along. The Spectra name is known in Genoa, as well, however, so she might not get that chance. If that happens, Spectra might just go back to tried and true methods in order to stand out of the crowd. Whether that works out in her favor this time around remains to be seen.

Has Sally Spectra learned her lesson or is this another game?

Courtney Hope claims that her character Sally Spectra has learned her lesson, but has she really? Or could this be a way to trick fans into think Spectra won’t bring that much drama to Genoa city?

Given Spectra’s history, that’s highly unlikely. Spectra is most likely going to lie low, figure out who all the primary mover and shakers are, and how she can use that to her advantage.

She began on the young restless as a woman with an agenda, and the will to get what she wants. As the series progressed, she lost a lot of that drive, and now fans are wondering if she’ll get it back. If she does, then the residents of Genoa are in for quite the ride.