‘The Young and the Restless’: Crimson Lights Still Being in Business Makes No Sense

Crimson Lights is one of the few places where The Young and The Restless characters meet to plot and catch up with one another. The café has been around for a long time, but fans have noticed one inconsistency. Fans joked that Crimson Lights still being in business makes no sense.

'The Young and the Restless' cast members (L-R) Steve Burton and Joshua Morrow in Crimson Lights
(L-R) Steve Burton and Joshua Morrow at Crimson Lights | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Crimson Lights has changed hands several times

Nick Newman and Sharon Collins first met and fell in love at Crimson Lights. Nick then proposed to Sharon at the coffeehouse, and when the owner decided to put the business up for sale, the two lovebirds thought it would be a great investment and bought it.

Nick and Sharon ran Crimson Lights throughout their marriage. However, the death of their teenage daughter Cassie drove them apart and resulted in divorce.

The couple decided to sell the coffeehouse, with Kevin Fisher and Mackenzie Browning taking over as the new owners. Eventually, Kevin bought Mackenzie out of the business.

Kevin then ran the business with his wife, Jana Hawks. After she died, Kevin remarried and continued running the business with his second wife, Chloe Mitchell. Kevin and Chloe ran into some financial issues along the way, and since Dylan McAvoy was in town and was interested in the coffeehouse, the couple sold it to him.

Dylan ended up selling the lease for Crimson Lights to a man named Joe Clark a year later. Sharon currently owns and operates Crimson Lights with the help of Natasha, Justine, and Denise.

‘Y&R’ fans joke Crimson Lights has terrible service

Y&R isn’t a big-budget production. As such, the crew has to take some liberties when creating props and backgrounds. Many of the residences and other commercial buildings on the show aren’t always realistic, and since the series can’t hire several background actors, things can get awkward.

Crimson Lights is a coffeehouse meaning it has to be buzzing with customers. However, the establishment almost always has no people save for the characters meeting there. This prompted fans to question how the business is still open despite not having significant foot traffic.

Y&R recently posted a snippet of Jack and Diane at Crimson Lights, and fans immediately pointed out how empty the joint usually is. One fan wrote that Crimson Lights is the “slowest coffee shop” and they never have customers.

On a message board on She Knows, fans had similar sentiments. One fan wrote that it was time for Sharon to have a real office, that and all she does is listen to other people’s troubles and advise them.

While one fan pointed out that the establishment is great for Sharon and her family to meet, another user couldn’t help but wonder if it is profitable, given there are almost always no other customers except her friends and relatives. One user said, “Sharon has invisible clients. She’s mentioned them. So far, all we know is she has an invisible office as well.”

Fans want to see more of Crimson Lights

Despite the backlash it has gotten, Crimson Lights seem to be a fan favorite hang-out spot for some characters and audiences at home. One fan on the message board said, “I like the coffee shop. I don’t need to see people constantly drinking alcohol at Society or the GP. It is a cozy-looking place for people to gather and talk.”

Another fan said, “I love Crimson Lights too. It gives a lighter feel to the scenes than a stuffy work office.” When one fan suggested that the show does away with the establishment, others came to its defense, arguing that its owner Sharon was the problem. A user even suggested that Sharon sell it because “all she does is give free advice with a cup of coffee.”

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