‘The Young and the Restless’: Devon and Elena’s Relationship May Implode When the Amanda-Hillary Truth Comes out

It looks like The Young and the Restlessreveal of Amanda Sinclair’s true connection to Hilary Curtis is set to be revealed sometime soon. One of the show’s stars, Brytni Sarpy, is teasing what is in store when everything happens.

Brytni Sarpy
Brytni Sarpy | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The eventual connection of Amanda and Hilary has been a long time coming

The character Amanda was introduced in September 2019, just a few months after Hillary passed away on-screen. Despite Morgan reportedly departing ways with the show due to contract renegotiations, she returned a short time after she first left the series.

Amanda was introduced as the person hired by Chance Chancellor to contest the will of Katherine Chancellor. When she first landed in Genoa City, everyone immediately noticed that she had a very uncanny resemblance to Hilary, who she didn’t know.

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A lot of people in town avoided her, especially because Hilary’s husband, Devon Hamilton, who was still grieving her death. People have now gotten used to Hilary, including Devon’s girlfriend, Elena, who didn’t like Amanda to begin with because of her resemblance to Hilary.

Brytni Sarpy teases an Amanda-Hilary reveal and what could happen to Devon and Elena

In an interview with TV Insider, Sarpy talked about the impact and fallout from when Amanda and Hilary’s relationship will be revealed. From the direction the show is headed it now, it looks like the two will likely be revealed as long-lost twins. On this seeming plot twist, Sarpy said, “Yes. I think this has been in the back of everyone’s mind. Amanda is the spitting image of Hilary. We’ve been talking about this a lot. It’s been like this little time bomb that we’ve been waiting to see explode.

Sarpy also noted that this revelation will have resulting effects on the relationship of Elena and Devon. The relationship between the two was strained early on because Devon wasn’t really over Hilary. Then, Amanda came to town looking just like Hilary. So, to reveal that the two are sisters will definitely impact Devon in a certain way and it may shape how his relationship is with Elena.

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“I think she had put it [the fact that Amanda and Hilary could be related] in the back of her mind,” explained the actress. “She’s been focusing on her work – her relationship [with Devon] and the clinic. Once it’s confirmed that there’s a connection, her security level related to her relationship with Devon may plummet.”

She also hinted at the fact that it seems like Elena has a good understanding of what the eventual result will be — Amanda and Hilary are sisters. “Elena had an idea of what the answer is going to be given how identical they look and that Amanda comes from a foster background,” she said. “Elena’s just now getting over healing from the [emotional] earthquake she experienced with Devon when he thought he was seeing her ghost.”

Sooner or later, all the dots in this story will be finally connected The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.