‘The Young and the Restless’: Is Eric Braeden Thinking About Retiring?

It is hard to believe thatThe Young and the Restless has been on the air since 1973. When CBS TV Network first began airing the soap opera viewers instantly became intrigued following the stories of the Fosters and the Brooks. Jeanne Cooper and William Gray Espy were some of the original cast members to appear on screen.

CBS often enjoys sharing throwback photos from when The Young and the Restless was just taking off. However, over time, the storylines and the talented cast have expanded. Paul Williams, Jack Abbott, Nicholas Newman, and Sharon Collins are just a few of the characters that audience members look forward to seeing in episodes. Eric Braeden‘s character, Victor Newman, is definitely another fan favorite.

Recently, there has been some speculation and rumors surrounding Braeden’s character and time on The Young and the Restless.

Take a look back at Braeden’s path to stardom and find out if the popular actor is getting ready to call it quits. 

Eric Braeden’s journey to fame

Eric Braeden
Eric Braeden | Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Braeden’s journey to fame is a legendary and inspirational one. Many of his fans and followers might be surprised to learn that Eric Braeden isn’t actually the star’s birth name. CBS TV Network‘s biography provides his fans and followers with extensive knowledge about his background upbringing. 

The German native was born in 1941, but when he was just a teenager Braeden immigrated to America. He arrived in New York City and fell in love with cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes.

As IMDb has shared, Braeden wound up travelling to Texas to be with family, and eventually, thanks to a sports scholarship, he was able to attend Montana State University. This would lead to Braeden’s impactful introduction into the film and acting world. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting dreams.

He began getting cast in small roles in both television series and movies. Escape from the Planet of the Apes and Lady Ice were two films he appeared in during the 1970s.

However, sooner than later, Braeden would be making his daytime television debut.

Eric Braeden on ‘The Young and the Restless’

When the 1980s rolled in, the actor was offered the role of Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless, but, unfortunately, there was a bit of a catch. Production believed that Braeden’s birth name, Hans-Jorg Gudegast, was problematic and requested he changed it.  Ultimately, the actor obliged, but he often shares how difficult the decision was.

The star has revealed how he selected his new name and explained “Eric is a family name and Braeden is from the name of my village in Germany. Changing my name was one of the most painful decisions I’ve ever made, so I needed to choose a name that I could still identify with.”

In retrospect, many fans and viewers of The Young and the Restless are probably very pleased with the actor’s monumental decision. On the award-winning soap opera, Victor Newman is best known for his ruthless nature and tumultuous love story with Nikki Reed. Braeden’s character has even served some jail time on The Young and the Restless

Is Eric Braeden considering retiring from ‘The Young and the Restless’?


Why ‘the Young and the Restless’ Star Eric Braeden Almost Turned Down an Iconic Movie Role

Distractify has been one of the many platforms to address the ongoing rumors surrounding Braeden’s timeline on The Young and the Restless. Contrary to speculation and gossip, Braeden has zero intention of retiring from the beloved soap opera.

Paul Williams is the only cast member to appear in more episodes than Braeden, but, with time, perhaps Victor Newman will change that.